Once again, apologies for the spam


L.O.L. I’ll let Wasabi take care of that post haha

Anyways I haven’t gotten any kind of spam. I’m kind of puzzled about this topic


Glad somebody said it before I had to.

@PP – By spam, he refers to spambots, who leave meaningless posts and come here to advertise.




Would Paucity be better? I can’t be expected to type your full name.


Lol. I like Pauce like “sauce” or “paws.” :slight_smile: Thanks you :laughing:


I wasn’t quite satisfied with PP myself. Sauce is much better.


No! Pauce! :smiley:


I’m really curious as to how you get the bots to post just about everything in the trolling sub-forum. Is this a coincidence, or something done intentionally?


It’s magic!



They did it again! 3 New threads started in the trolling forum.


Pretty funny, no idea how it happens. But the spirit of the Wasabi lives on apparently.


Sorry for some recent spam guys… needed to update the forum software. Just wrapped that up. Hopefully we will see fewer bots.

BTW… its gotten really slow lately, wonder why?


One thing we never have in shot is fewer bots. And I don’t mean the computer generated ones…


And yet another spam season. For some reason, all the bots now want us to watch Bones.

Sorry about that guys, I think I’ve cleaned them all out, and will upgrade a patch this weekend.


The spamming has gotten more intense lately, but I just cleaned all the bots out. Sorry about that folks, I changed the anti-spam settings, so hopefully we should see some respite soon.