Other types on the ENTJ


Hello there, ENTJs!

I’m a 19-year old male INTJ with an ENTJ mother, ENTJ big sister and some ENTJ friends. It is a quest of mine to learn and understand MBTI as well as possible.
I wanted to start a thread to get a dialogue going between the ENTJs and other types. We can discuss our impressions of ENTJs, and you guys can comment and explain why you are the way you are.

I have a lot of respect for ENTJs and think our personalities are a lot similar.

This video touches upon the positive experiences I’ve had with you guys: youtube.com/watch?v=m3PV9Yfmae0

This one is about the negative traits, seen through an INTJ lens. It touches upon some of the conflict that comes as the shadow of your self-confidence and assertiveness, which I think is also one of your greatest abilities, and why I respect this type a lot. There is some rude INTJ humor in this video, but you guys can handle that even better than us INTJs as far as I know :wink:


To get started, I want you ENTJs to reply specifically on the assertiveness and how that can be a problem, and also maybe on what motivates you to help people? :slight_smile:
Other types: elaborate on your own experiences!
Happy discussing! :smiley: