Outsmarting an INTJ


I’m sure many people here share a healthy competitive streak with an INTJ in their lives. What are your suggestions in outsmarting an INTJ? As for the INTJs, what are your ways to outsmart an ENTJ?

My advice, avoid tactical and science based decisions. I know INTJs who like to study physics for fun. INTJs are super good at finding the best answer to problems that don’t involve any feelings or implementation. They understand why two positrons when set under a thing-a-majig creates a polaron field, but wouldn’t understand how to mobilize such technology to great cash making use to serve the customers well. Focus on this and feelings…and feelings are an alien concept. You will soon have an outsmarted INTJ with a dumb incomprehensible look for most parts.

Joking all aside, I’m basing a lot on stereotypes.


Why on earth would your motivation be to outsmart an intj? Is there one that you are interested in particularly? I hate games, unless it’s part of a romantic dance or a bonding thing with my family or friends. I don’t like wasting my time on pointless efforts that produce nothing substantial.


Distract them. While in debate toss a new theory in front of them. If good enough, it can take most of the focus away from the argument at hand. I’ve been a victim of this, only to look back and wonder how I lost an argument when I was right.


Aside from this, it’s hard to say.


Because there will be a time for disagreement…yikes! There’s probably a good exchange of sarcasm. However, this is more or less an opportunity to show off how smart one is to the other.

You can’t have a good debate like this with an ENTP or INTP. Going on MBTI, the ENTP or INTP are less likely to tell you straight up that you have a dumb idea. INTJ’s anti-bullshitting is very welcomed.


I am certain that I want a man who CAN OUTSMART ME! This is key. If he can’t do that then there’s probably not much else he has a shot at in being superior…just kidding. Being an avid thinker, I need someone who is bigger and stronger in this area too. An outsmarting thinker. I guess I really want a version like myself only bigger and stronger. Hmmmm.


I’m not particularly interested in outsmarting anyone. On the rare occasion when I am, however, I look for flaws, weaknesses, or otherwise under-described points in the other person’s theory or argument and attack that. Being the nitpicky person that I am, this is relatively easy for me to do. If someone is able to counter or avoid these moves of mine, they earn my respect.


Just change the topic.
Although I enjoy my interactions and benefit with exchanges. They rarely discuss the unfamiliar. My friend too, studies subjects for fun and loves to show/explain something unknown. He’s a math professor now. He is the smartest person I know.


The closest people in my life are INTJs. My male partner of 11 years, and my only female friend. I find they’re the only people who can outsmart me, and I think this is what I enjoy about them the most. However, I’m far better at holding onto general knowledge than them so the only time I win is when I can bring up interesting facts that they have to fact check.


Yes! I have a (healthy?) competitive streak with my good INTJ friend, who I’ve known since we were three years old. For some reason, I have an urge to argue with her whenever she implies that she has a different idea from mine. Our ideas/thoughts don’t differ significantly, but we nitpick the details when we argue. We never yell or get openly angry; our arguments tend to become a passive-aggressive mess, especially on the INTJ’s side. Then we give it a break for a day and we’re back to good friends.

To outsmart the INTJ:

  • It’s true that they love studying things like science. If you are in disagreement about something science-y, chances are, they are right, unless you have 2+ additional years of experience up your sleeve.
  • The easiest way to outsmart an INTJ is in terms of social encounters. Win by having more friends than them!