Over confident ENTJ Female



I am an ENTJ female. When I was first diagnosed with the ENTJ affliction I was 23. I say affliction because honestly being an ENTJ female is about the most frustrating thing to be!

Men have always been attracted to me, my strength I suppose, but then once they had me they become intimidated and insecure.

I am 40 now and over the years I have tried to calm the beast and work on becoming more emotional and docile, but honestly, I have recently decided screw it, I am what I am and time to embrace it.

I have recently become engaged to an ENFP. You would think we do not get along well, but actually so far it is a perfect match. It helps that I am a Pisces and he is a Leo. I have learned to accept him leaving the cupboard doors wide open and non confrontational ways and he accepts me being large and in charge and lets me handle problems most the time.

My background has varied greatly as has my travel and education. I am naturally an entrepreneur and recently have been afforded the opportunity to write a book which is pretty cool!

My biggest problem is being over confident which I am sure you can tell. It’s just so hard not to be when every time you turn around people are pandering to you and asking you to explain this or that or asking your opinion on this or that and requesting you to lead.

Anyone else here have this problem? I really want to get better in this department.


Want to meet people who are strategic and intelligent. LOL…

There are not many woman ENTJ’s which makes friendships nill to none unless I’m just helping them all the time. Which I’ve learned to accept.

I could never marry a sensor, I love intuitives !

The structure of this forum is a little non user friendly.

I love to confront problems, find the solution and exercise. :dance:


oops i somehow commented on your entry.

Yeah, even though I graduated from a Woman’s College, the realities of the social structure is so screwed.
Somehow, I’ve learned to be I dunno docile. Which means I don’t consider anyone my real friend because I can’t be my real self.

congrats on your book. What is it about?

I’m working on my blog. But big problem ! This internet content marketer guy took a secret interest in me and all his blogs are telling me I have to do more than I originally planned. Since I want to do the best and outperform, I’m struck with paralysis and overwhelm on what to do next. Especially, since I can’t even talk to him.

anyhow, maybe we could be enter friends. and give support to each other since we understand what we want from life.