People aren't smart enough for democracy to work


Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I’m not concerned about every person in society. Every person has unique abilities. Some people deal with issues better than others. ENTJs deal with things that you mentioned above better than others. And they refuse to do that. That is what concerns me. Not the issue that you mention.


What do you propose to do do about it?


This guy has a pretty good idea:


I am sorry I just could not continue to watch that video after he started talking about farming subsidies. I don’t think people really understand the point of farming subsidies and why it is in place. And what’s worse is they don’t bother to find out. I looked it up on wikipedia as I am only familiar with the European version (Common Agricultural Policy) - and it explains why. People then join the wrong dots, come up with some half assed totally off base conclusion.

So your solution is to get rid of the current system, replace it with a system that is designed by people who have no clue how current works, and have no game plan?


And you basically say people can’t decide what’s right or wrong for them? And they should be herded by some technocratic murderous elite in order to live? Is that what you say?

Let me give you a reality check. Human race has been living on this planet as a society for the last 40 000 years. And during that time, we have dealt with countless tyrants and warmongers. You think we can’t deal with couple of them now?

The solution is letting people be free. It always was that way and always will be that way.