Personality Disorders - got any?




I had social phobia for quite some time but I've mostly grown out of it.




ADHD, my senior year in college, while maintaining a 4.0 (no applause necessary). My girlfriend jokingly suggested that I should go get tested because I wasn't listening to her (lol) and I could never seem to find my keys. I thought about it, researched it, had most of the traits, and set up an appointment to find out for sure.

I went to the appointment, answered the questions, and took the tests.
The doc said I had it... and I said, "Thanks, now I can get away with not listening to my girlfriend."




I haven't been diagnosed, but I think I may be bipolar. I don't think that's a PD though. It's more like depression, right?
I've got some narcissistic traits, as well. Really, I don't think I'm a narcissist. Can't it be enough to simply be brilliant, as I am? Is it so bad to know that you're brilliant? I very rarely brag or even vocalize about my brilliance. And yet, it still becomes a problem for some people. I must say, being introverted does have its downers.


I can't help thinking that an NT should, more than other types, have the ability to 'change their programming'. Have you considered consciously trying to becoming more of an E, for example? I do understand that its possible to be smarter than most people you meet - but if your projection of your smarts seems to interfere with your objectives, have you considered changing your approach?

Note that if you were an 'S' type, or especially 'SFJ', this may not be a worthwhile discussion. But you're in INTP, who I would think would understand the nuances of the situation best, and could conceivably modify your communications/ actions without compromising your authenticity.

I don't mean to troll or point fingers or sound like Captain Obvious - in my own case, for example, I've worked hard on my 'P' for a better quality of life at work and outside work, because my previous super-strong 'J' was simply inaccurate too often for my liking, and off-putting to other people. I just figure you might be able to make a similar change?


What's that you say about objectives? I simply prefer to be left alone, for the most part. I suppose that if I had stronger objectives, I might've already endeavored to become more extroverted. To be quite honest, my main weakness is individual people. I'm highly sensitive of the dispositions of others. This sensitivity distracts and prevents me from making stronger objectives. Seems kind of like a vicious circle.




Through my own experience, I find that most people who think they are bipolar, or more often joke about "being" bipolar, tend to lean more toward the F characteristic. As a female, Senphi, you are predisposed to being highly subconsciously affected by (F) feelings at times. Apparent mood fluctuation based on who you are around is indicative of F traits being expressed (which we all have at different levels). It could also be more personal... perhaps the individuals remind you of someone or something negative.

Perhaps the coming and going of these feelings, very abruptly, is caused by your supra intelligence. I believe that there are many ways to be highly intelligent; one of these ways is the brain's ability to integrate multiple ideas and concepts while keeping others completely separate, never to be integrated with specific other concepts or memories (to be more efficient, with the flaw of useful information sometimes being withheld). You may understand this better as sometimes you "get it" and sometimes you "don't make the connection" when it is obvious to others. You may not be bipolar, but perhaps just don't make the connection that your emotions have "come out" consistently at times when a certain factor is present...

T's, in my opinion, tend to be rather hard to shake. I believe that what you have said indicates a very strong P, and your T is probably very close to being an F. However, it is possible that your T and F traits could increase in intensity depending on your situation, because they are stored seperately and you use one OR the other for specific situations.
e.g. When you interact, you use a strong F. When you work, you use a strong T.

Overcome your P to fix your problem; start keeping a journal and write a sentence every hour or so. I suspect that your P will prevent you from writing anything down right after an incident, so set an hourly alarm. The exact issue to be overcome will become apparent. After you have defined the specific problem (perhaps what the individual does that upsets you), experiment with different tactics to overcome your problem. Be consistent... your P will fight you the whole way.

.....Just an outsider looking in. I hope this helps.

Good Luck,


You are incorrect in your assumption that I have a strong P. I first took the MBTI when I was 16, which was 7 years ago. I tested as an INTJ and still do every now and again. I know that my P does increase when I'm around other people, but when I am alone, it seems to essentially transform into a J, or perhaps an X (neither P nor J).

You were right when you suggested that my T and F traits might increase in intensity, depending on my situation. I'm aware that, being female, I am predisposed to letting my feelings take over. To explain my situation more effectively, I can say that I feel a certain strong maternal presence deep inside of me. This maternal presence does not allow me to turn away a good-natured creature, no matter how counter-productive it may be to my own well-being. This maternal feeling is completely alien to my intellect. Sometimes, when my maternal nature has made a decision and I am endeavoring to carry it out, my intellect will kick in (making me completely miserable), and I'll think, "Why the hell am I doing this?" But there's nothing my intellect can do; Mother has spoken. The "real me" is partial towards intellect, but that maternal presence causes me to be ever-sensitive when interacting with others.

I'm interested in trying your idea of writing a sentence every hour. Writing has always been an important aspect of my life. Over the years, I've wasted a decent amount of time making schedules and plans for myself that I rarely follow. I haven't been able to attain consistency. Your suggestion, however, may prove to be quite useful to me. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Oh my, I am fiercly independent! It's quite liberating and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But it seems like I'm perpetually stuck in some rut or other. If I could but learn to depend more (just a little) upon others, I imagine that it would be much easier for me to get out of those damn ruts.




Very interesting... Also, a stat from says that we are more likely to have cardiac problems. Ah, the stress and pressure we put on ourselves.


Hi all :smiley: This thread is exactly why I joined this forum and am very thankful for all your input and honesty here.

I especially relate with you Senphi as a female Thinker. Yes I am an Intellect but I have these bothersome emotions that I can't seem to rationalize until they've passed. Over the years with 2 ducklings under my belt I have had to try very hard to fan that little ember of being a nurturer. Many parenting classes, books and coffee's with my mom as she's an INTJ but has experience as a parent LOL!!

As far as disorders go... hit Post Pardum depression HARD CORE for 4 years after last duckling, screwed me BAD!! Hospitalized 3 or 4 times for about 1 month at a time, psychiatrist had me on about 8 or 9 different meds before I decided to go it on my own with other alternatives and the control I had over my own mind. Educated myself on anything and everything I could get my hands on with regards to the human body and the mind.

10 Years later I have heard too many times from too many different people that my moods swing too fast, too far and a few suggested Bi Polar. So I did some research and found that I fit Cyclothymia very well :frowning: Basically a very mild form of Bi Polar Type 2. Took it to my Psych. He said no dice, you're not that mild! Bi Polar Type 2 (mild Bi Polar, no delusions or hallucinations, etc). Turns out he's had me pegged as that for over 8 years, brought it up to me a coulple times, I reacted badly, he left it alone and figured i'd come to it on my own. I LOVE my psych :wink: He knows me.

Anyhoo... been on meds for a little over 2 weeks now and am wondering, as a female thinker, where does my intense, suck at handling emtions, busy trying to surpress them, sometimes mood swinging female personallity end, and this bi polar begin?? If it weren't for the fact that having kids messed with my mind so bad and I lost so much of motivation and drive in my life, I would still be questioning that I have Bi Polar at all!! But I am starting to see small glimpses of the old me coming back so I will stick with the meds and give them a fair shake.

PS - I DO believe I can change my programing Mango and somehow believe there is a connection to ADHD and what I refer to my kid's school as 'switching gears'. I had it in school and see it in my boy in school. I also believe it was Einstein's problem in school as well. We have so much going on in our heads, we are switching gears constantly, the rest of the world just needs to learn to keep up :laughing:


I find this really one of the most interesting threads on the forum.

I can relate a little to the ADHD thing - for me its mental sometimes, I feel there's so many things I can do and want to do, its hard to focus. But once I focus, its a steamroller approach.

My thoughts on depression have changed radically over the years. I'll write a full post on it in the near future, but want to make the following points:

  1. The foundation of my current thoughts on depression are the following must-read article on the evolutionary diagnosis of depression:
    Two scientists suggest that depression is not a malfunction, but a mental adaptation that brings certain cognitive advantages

  2. Current prescription-related treatment of depression is largely driven by compensation incentives in the US, based on certain billing aspects to Medicare/ insurance payments (i.e. its easier to get compensated for biochemical, treatable disorders than therapy).

  3. Hence.... depression is not abnormal, and can be 'cured' without medication.

  4. There is a spiritual/ ethical/ rational vacuum in society today that confuses self-introspection and makes people extremely uncertain about the meaning/ pleasure in their lives, which needs to be addressed in order to combat depression. I don't mean to evangelize (actually I'm not even remotely religious), I think its very logical and can be explained in an evolutionary context, but thats another (and fairly long) blog post. (keywords: positive psychology, nathaniel branden's theory on self-esteem, taal ben-shahar)


On this a starting point, I would make sure to have some good physical tests, especially of your thyroid as physical problems can manifest as psychological problems. As you know, we take in the world though our five senses and then we interpret.




I enjoy talking to a friend who really understands and knows me, far better than a whole group of people who talk at me as my time is precious and I don't enjoy doing things where my time is not well spent on what I enjoy. People are not the only thing to be enjoyed...
When I was younger, I enjoyed being married but that was socially acceptable as though no other ways of being were. It all depends on what you need from life to be happy...that should be your focus!


I think I may have AvPD.