Personality Disorders - got any?




Avoidant Personality Disorder.

lol I hate that about myself..I'll probably have a heart attack before 40 :laughing:




It could have something to do with my introverted side(I'm an ambivert). A lot of people on the intj forum say they are avoidant/social phobics. But wouldnt extroverts be more likely to be avoidant since they need more social interaction than introverts?




I had avoidant personality disorder because of social phobia and depression(yeah ENTJs can be depressed too). I had it for years. It was because of my physical condition.

I think most depressed ENTJs think they're INTJs.


I used to confuse shyness with introversion.




I meant shy in the general,"social" meaning. :stuck_out_tongue: Introverts may "shy" away from social situations but its not necessarily because of a lack of confidence


"A common misconception is that all introverts suffer from social anxiety or shyness. Introversion does not describe social discomfort but rather social preference. An introvert may not be shy at all but may merely prefer non social or less social activities."


I would agree with this. My father passed away when I was only young man of fifteen. The depression that this event caused made me extremely anti-social for quite some time. I never really bounced back to the level of extroversion that I had before he passed.

Before his death, I would have considered myself an EXTREMELY extroverted extrovert. After the incident, I became less extroverted to the point that I would almost consider myself an introvert.


Yeah, and another thing that makes ENTJs think they're INTJs is that we place knowledge above social interaction on our list of priorities. I know I'd rather spend the day reading stuff on the internet than talking to stupid and boring people. And at least half of the world is made up of stupid and boring people. But that does not make me an INTJ.

A good view on this by another extroverted rational:




LeonardoLestat: I was reading the description for antisocial personality disorder. If you dont mind me asking, have you ever killed/tortured small animals?




Back to the comment about depressed ENTJs thinking they are INTJ....

I found this gem while I was checking my morning blogs.... ... depression

Basically, it says that depression leads to an advanced ability to focus. When you are depressed, you are able to focus on your problem more effectively. Thusly, an ENTJ with extremely advanced focusing power would in fact seem like an INTJ and therefore think that this is what type they are.



"This seems utter nonsense to me. I have met a lot of depressed people, and I have never noticed even the tiniest bit of a "mental boost" or better decision making. Quite the contrary. I have a better evolutionary theory of depression of my own. For evolutionary progress the survival of the group (tribe or whatever) is more important than the survival of the individual. Since depression certainly massively lowers an individual's chance of survival and reproduction in a harsh natural environment, it could be that depression is a actually a kind of self destruction mechanism used by nature to weed out the continously not-successful (a frequent source of depression) individuals from the group. This way the survival fitness of the group is enhanced."

^ I agree.


Depressed ENTJs think they're INTJs because when you're depressed you don't have as much desire to socialize as you used to. You retreat into your head, your self-confidence declines, you don't start conversations with strangers and you find it very hard to make new friends. Depression can last for years and people start believing it's part of their personality. Some forms of depression can last for decades, like dysthymia.



I hate having dirty hands. I hate when people touch my face. I eat everything with a fork and knife (even pizza). I eat strategically (I don’t cut through pepperonis, I make cuts at right angles, I eat the crust of sandwich first, etc). I eat colors evenly (I organize skittles/M&Ms by color and size, even out the numbers, and then eat them evenly, until I have the largest of each color as my final bites). I get obsessive bad thoughts around heights (I feel compelled to throw my phone over ledges if I’m up high to satisfy the obsessive thought of dropping it - it goes without saying that I fight this). I obsess over person to person interactions in my head hours, days, weeks, years later thinking about how everything sounded and hoped it was perfect (takes me a long time to write emails for example). I budget my personal finances very often in these sick, multi-paged spreadsheets with borders, formatting, formulas, charts, etc for fun. The list goes on and on…