Personality Disorders - got any?


wiarumas, man I can identify with about 90% of what you’ve written and I can add some more weird stuff on that list. So that’s OCD?


Welcome to world of Avoidant Personality Disorder. :violin: I know its tiring and painful to you as well as to those who are in touch with you directly or indirectly.I was suffering from APD before, but i think i recovered and i thanks my parent for helping me out.From there after i always go to Disorder forums to share my experience.If you need detail information, this might Help you
Avoidant personality disorder


No, I don’t. And if I had, I certainly wouldn’t say that here. (So yeah… you can’t know if I’m lying… but if I had any I’d probably not answer the topic, right? Or would I?)


Why wouldn’t you? It’s an anonymous forum, and you’re in Brazil. You can say you killed a man yesterday and nobody can touch you.

Except you have your pic in the avatar. But it would still be mighty hard to track you down or prove anything. :mrgreen:


I’m not an specialist, but according to someone who is, tracking someone through the internet might not be as hard as you think it is.


Even if it is, why would anyone care about your disorders enough to track you down?


Then, Ace would be the next victim :mrgreen:

No man, killer is crime. why shouldnt people trace you down if you are killer?
BTW, i have never got a persoality disorder. No all ENTJs get that syndrom. I got depression only, which is different with personality disorder.


I said about your DISORDERS, not about your MURDER :smiley:


You said, didnt you??? :sunglasses:


I don’t know. But I’d still not be willing to take that risk.

(Also, the initial answer was intended as a good-natured comment and not an actual matter-of-fact topic, but I digress…)


I’ve always been so fascinated by my personality type. About time I joined this forum.

Anyway-I have no diagnosis of personality disorders. Mental illness however.
Years of psychiatric care. Totally open to speaking about.
Many traits of personality disorders(borderline, bipolar, schizophrenia) but symptoms would subside before they became severe enough to become a diagnoses, thankfully. Not in favor of more medication added to the list.


I was fairly certain that I had Schizotypal Personality Disorder for a time. However, after taking the MBTI and interacting with other INTJs, I figured out that most of the criteria for said disorder was bullshit. The things like “not partaking in traditional social activities” and “dressing out of alignment for what is typical in their culture” is very typical of an INTJ, and criteria such as “magical thinking,” “superstitious,” and “paranoid” are typical for the majority of the population, to an extent, and extremes of this behavior may very well be indicators of different disorders.

But enough of my rambling. There IS a good chance that I have ADHD and OCD.


Hmmm. I’ve never heard about this happening with INTJs. Most that I’ve spoken to don’t really think they’re all that smart. In fact, one said “Once I start thinking I’m smart, I realize that I’m among the mediocre,” or something to that effect.

I wouldn’t mind talking to the INTJs that you’ve based this off of. That would be quite interesting, I think.


Years of social avoidance but I have grown out of it. It is easier for extraverts, I think.

I have crazy imagination though. Ni aux users don’t apply apply their Ni directly from their environment. I mean Salvador Dali is frequently typed as Ni-ENFJ. I have similar kind of imagination. I have scared ESFJs with my “stories”/imaginery and few ISFJs as well. ISFPs (and ESFPs) love it though (signs of duality) as I take them with my mental trips. I can make up stories instantly. Like forgotten papers that start to act violently towards people and I start calming others down that they don’t have sharp edges anymore. Yeah… lots of that kinds of stuff and bunch of crazy metaphysical views on top of that.

Mildly schizotypal or something similar.