Pickard vs Q


I have read somewhere that Q was an ENTJ.

Pickard INTJ.

Interestingly enough, Patrick Steward himself is an ENTJ.

In the episodes where Q gave lessons to Pickard, could it be considred as a difference between E and I?


I read this somewhere on the net as well. I think I would go with Picard being an ENTJ and Q an ENTP.

I think Picard is a quiet ENTJ. One gets older and becomes more self sufficient with less need for social interaction. Also he was captain, which isolates him socially from the rest of the crew. They were subordinates, and you don’t expect him to fraternize with his crew.

Also in Season 6 Episode 15, the episode which showed how Picard lost his real heart, it showed how loud brash gungho a young Picard was. He would not be like that if started out life as an INTJ. He calmed down and got his head together after this incident. This is one of my favourite episodes and strikes a cord with me, because I experienced something similar without injuring myself.

He strikes me as an ENTP, just doing things for the hell of it and to stir the pot. I’d imagine an ENTJ would be goal orientated.


ENTP? Maybe…