if you recruit new mods, i wonder if they can read PMs of members? i personally am not interested in reading/ touching someone’s private things, so i expect the same things from other. i hope this will be controlled well in this forum?
But anyway, pls delete all your members’ PM ( or at least MY PMs) before you recruit some mod.
PS: by this way, tons of girls in your forum would be happy as their PMs would be safe from mods ( not site admin :sunglasses: and would thank you for that.


No no no. NOBODY, not even the site admin, can read PMs, and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to.

Similarly, no access to passwords or anything like that. Hope this clarifies things.


Very happy to hear this. I can continue admin bashing all I want. But really privacy is great.


Nice to hear that;). I read somewhere that says site admin has that authority (can use many other ways to do that if he/she is curious to know- which sometimes is both good ( to control spam) and bad- violates the privacy of others).