POLL: How many ENTJs do you know In Real Life?


How many ENTJs do you know In Real Life?

  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six - Ten
  • More than Ten


For me, the answer is 2 - of which one I met last week (and both women!?!)

Edit - Upped to 4. Other 2 are guys, one colleague that recently returned and has morphed from an INTP over the years and one new employee.


That I know for sure? One. Me.

That I suspect? One.



He's much more of a standard ENTJ than I am.


I met an ENTJ at a leadership event recently. I dug him, but I suspect he's a little underdeveloped. Too much reliance upon Te and a lagging Ni.

A nice and sincere dude, though.


Given the number of low-ENTJs-known votes, I had to risk further diluting the ENTJ membership to respond.

I know 4 ENTJs:
My Dad,
one of my best friends,
her boyfriend,
my boss (CEO, female)

It's provided me with a fair bit of perspective, as they're really quite different (experiences, interests, age, etc), however their approach to things, how they deal with problems, and their thinking processes are in ways very similar.


I've identified two of them.
My aunt and my friend.
My aunt's husband is a doctor and a millionaire. I lived with their family in Florida for about 6 months and it was kickass. She didn't know what to do with me though, so I went home for the holidays and didn't return.
My friend and I go back several years and we've changed each other's lives dramatically, even though we rarely hang out. Kinda weird, but I adore him. :slight_smile:


I know three ENTJ's in my life for sure:

  • An English Professor.
  • Former roommate
  • An ENTJ Female I've been getting to know recently.


I know four for sure:

  • The Valedictorian at my high school. (Female)
  • My best friend in high school. (Male)
  • An English teacher. (Female)
  • A long-time acquaintance. (Female)

I assume myself doesn't count, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I've met two in my life. One was my history and literature professor. I was very impressed after the first couple of classes because this guy was a perfect teacher. He was not very emotional(but wasn't cold either, he laughed a lot), he was fair and rewarded had work and creativity, very knowledgeable about his subjects and always added something extra to all his classes. Also his ability to remember exactly what someone had said in class a week ago made me think he had to be like me. I have an amazing memory for spoken words. I can tell you what you said to me two weeks ago in exact word order you said it. He always arrived on time(not early, not late) and knew how to establish authority even though he was just starting to teach and we were his first class, and a problematic one I should add. He also knew all our names and surnames after 4-5 classes. I think all ENTJs have an amazing ability to store a huge number of facts in our head, especially work related facts.

The second one was a guy in my class who had excellent grades like me. He might have been an ESTJ though. Because he wasn't very mature. He had a huge ego and liked to argue with teachers, but he argued destructively, which is something we ENTJs hate to do. All my arguments are productive. If I see that the other person doesn't know how to argue I'll back off, because I hate destructive arguments. I never formed a closer relationship with him because all the conversation with him would turn into a competition, not only with me, but with everyone. He was smart but his immaturity was a big turnoff to most people. He's now into med school, I hope he got more mature as he got older.

Oh, and there was a girl in my class who got ENTJ on the test but I always thought she was an ISTJ. I can notice when someone is N.


^ ENTJs often get into "win - lose" conversations. He may not have been very emotionally balanced to be so aggressive, but ENTJs are often very aggressive. Maybe you're just not a very strong ENTJ.


I am borderline on the I/E scale but I think that his behavior was immature. Everyone else noticed it and talked behind his back that he was too competitive and too boastful.

The ENTJ professor was what an ideal ENTJ should look like. He tamed his ego, he was mature, polite, respectful + all the good ENTJ qualities.


I know at least three - my mother and two people that I used to work with. :slight_smile:


Stereotypically ENTJs can be aggressive, however a strong ENTJ doesn't have to be. ENTJs are often over bearing and opinionated, however I myself don't ever intend to be aggressive but am sometimes mistaken for it, only because I'm looking for someone who can counter and equate to my level conviction. ENTJs are very to the point, and take their opinions personally. Aggression is a challenge to be overcome.
Argueably, the more you overcome aggression or a failed perception of being aggressive, the more ENTJ you really become, which is to say a stronger leader, and a better thinker.


we are only two percent of the population, so im not surprised. I know two.


Only one that I knew for certain, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was another one or two floating around unidentified.


I know a few ENTJs.
2 of which are close to me (my uncle and brother). I dunno, I don't notice the ENTJness in them at a day-to-day basis cuz I'm used to them and we get along more or less fine, but we don't spend a lot of time together either as they're sooooo busy. I notice the ENTJ more in the ones I know outside of this frame.


I don't know any other than myself.


My father is probably an ENTJ
and my former boss.

definitely both ENTJ's. with major sentimental streaks.


I know of at least 2 for sure. Myself and my youngest daughter.
I suspect a friend in WA is also.

I try in leadership roles to be a little laid back so that I do not overpower people.



as far as identyfing, too many. I think tons of people are ENTJ. But that’s not true, it’s too rare. I think a lot of ESTJs and ENTPs are ENTJs. hahaha. If someone is a powerful person, I just think " Oh, they are an ENTJ too." Which probably isn’t right. I thought my girlfriend was an ENTJ until I really got to know her and realized she retains a lot of information like phone numbers and license plates that I just write off as very unnecessary because of my “NT” thinking . You can’t really try to type someone until you have known them for a very long time, I think. But I know one real ENTJ besides me, my younger brother. He has taken the MBTI as well. It’s kind of funny that ENTJ’s are 2% of the population, but 2 lived under the same roof.