POLL: How many ENTJs do you know In Real Life?


Turned out my friend in WA was an ISFX. So much for guessing. I have known him well for 20 years. But he is a very well developed individual. He is able to function well in his opposite tendencies, and that was what confused me.
He had never taken the test until I asked him to.



ENTJs i know: ( not includes me and people in work place)
For 100% sure:
-oldest sister
-cousin (female),
-2 female friends

  • ENFP sister’s male friend,

Not so sure:

  • dad
  • aunt in law
  • 1 friend in Maryland


Oh I totally understand that. I no longer care to argue / debate with people who

  • need to prove they are smart
  • need to make other people feel stupid
  • don’t know how to argue and then get upset,
  • do not understand the salient facts and prove what fools they are
  • cannot tell the difference between fact and opinion

I whip out my PSP or politely excuse myself if this is like with a group of people. When its like a very small group of 2 or 3 people and I cannot excuse myself, I get soo annoyed and eventually run of patience and say something like “Have you not thought through this?”. Afterwhich they are completed pissed off with me for being so mean, oh man they don’t ever forget being put down like this infront of other people and will really hate you. Now, I just say something completely irreverant so that coversation cannot continue or change the subject.

I’ve gone head on with these types of people and the result wasn’t pretty. I just haven’t the patience to smile and do the “oh is that so? Have you thought about it this way…” and lead them through argument logically. I know I know! I have to react to this more like an ENTP and help them see things they missed and work it out. I am not getting paid to fix the flaw in their logic, my time could be productive spent doing something else. The other thing is once we start down this path, I no longer consider them a worthy opponent and my estimation of them drops significantly.


I agree with you, Poodle. I still get into this arguments, though, because of a genuine belief in the fact that if I shut up, ill-intentioned or ill-informed visions might prevail. And that is worst then any inconvenience (yep, I score very high on the ‘J’ thing…).


Very few. I had an ENTJ friend during the teenage years that I recently talked to, we could spend hours going on about anything from our ideas, books we read, music, occasionally our silly switches would come on and we’d laugh ourselves silly at things that didn’t make sense but still seemed to in the ironic kind of way.


8 and counting.
Your online poll doesn’t work, by the way.