Potential Worst 3 Types for an ENTJ to work 4?


Are there any definitive answers to this?


In order from worst to most bearable:


ENTJs don't work for anyone. Well, not for long anyway.


kinda what I was trying to say :slight_smile:




ENTJ's become defacto leaders who don't get the credit or the pay...but take a lot of criticism from the less competent!!


ENTP - Agree. Arogant as well.

ENFP - impractical disorganized daydreamers, managerial elephants in a china shop.
ISTJ - details, details, details. no communcation. office clerks and paper tigers in one.


Do you think it’s because the ENTP immediately becomes competitive with ENTJ types? I’ve noticed time and time again that once you have a co-worker who is an ENTP, he’ll immediately become competitive with the ENTJ. I’m wondering if there is a scenario outside where one can utilize the ENTP’s competitiveness to one’s benefit.

I think aside from personality type- someone who is generally incompetent will frustrate us. We should never work for people whom we don’t respect. And also ISFPs: Those menial thinkers should be just given busywork and never be allowed into the corporate atmosphere.


ENFJ is close but the F makes them non-logical and considering too many emotional things in their decisions


My ENTJ colleague and I work quite a bit with a senior INFJ.
The INFJ drives the ENTJ nuts about pretty much everything. - For me it is an interesting personality study to watch these two interact.

I am easy and get on well with both because of the N, I suppose.


I agree with Ace in that we probably don’t/won’t work for the same person for very long…

I’ve had an INFJ boss. He was the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met. We did have opposing views on certain issues, but we never “clashed,” and it wasn’t hard to work for him. It was almost like I was working for myself with a mentor watching over me.


I would say you are easy to get along with because of the I. You won’t really say anything but the two E’s will battle it out.


I’m in an organization with two ENTJs males. They are the easiest people to work with. One ENTJ (A) is more laid back but makes very accurate assessments, very patient and generally I look up to him. The other ENTJ (B) is more hip and fun and always likes to get people excited about whatever we’re working on. It’s nice to work with like-minded people whom you respect. No one’s competitive either, and both ENTJs don’t suppress people’s natural talents and push each other to be better. I wish work was always this fun!

Just to say ENTJs are the best people to work with- especially if we’re all completely in sync.


Maybe that’s the case. I have no interest in running the show - as long as I have the freedom to do what I think is right and people will listen to my suggestions I am fine.
I get uncomfortable when people constantly pick at details and the ask for frequent progress updates (more S type behavior). If people want ideas from me then I need to have my ‘dream and play time’.


Totally agree with list above. The S-J is really the worse ones to work for because they are so much details oriented that is unbearable to an ENTJ.
Anyway, working for yourself is the best way to choose for an ENTJ as per my point of view so far


I don’t like having a Boss! I need to be my own boss! :slight_smile: Though I do work well in groups… they help motivate me. I’m an ENTJ!


I´m not sure if I know what types ENTJ don´t want to work for, but I think a lot of people here are overestimating the leadership tendency of ENTJ´s. I´m completely convinced that in most situations, we do make good leaders/managers/etc. However, ENTJ’s are honest with themselves and demand qualities, and if for some reason someone else would be a more suited leader I think they’d step off. Not all leaders are ENTJ’s and not all ENTJ’s are suited or comfortable with leadership. Right now, I’m getting the impression that an ENTJ on the workfloor is a powermad manager, out to control the company. Leadership isn’t the only thing a ENTJ is good at…


Leadership is in itself overestimated.

Most people lead not because of their abilities, but because of the power they possess. (Financial, hereditical etc).

I don’t think today’s world is suitable for real leaders. Because population is severely dumbed down which is beyond any repairs now.


“Because population is severely dumbed down which is beyond any repairs now”: explain & have warrant for this claim? What’s it based on?


If I may chime in - population in general is lacking in intelligence these days. I have a few theories as to why, and they range from television viewing habits to bad parenting to nutritional deficiencies. It seems that 80% of people I come in contact with cannot critically think at all, and you cannot be intelligent if you cannot think critically. It is very sad state of affairs.