Potential Worst 3 Types for an ENTJ to work 4?


ESFP, ESFJ, ESTJ. Unreliability, drama, obnoxiousness (gets in my way).


I can work for anyone that can teach me something, personality type doesn’t matter. Once I feel like I have an understanding to how things work to the point where I’m confident to make decisions is when I start clashing with a boss, again personality type doesn’t matter. The main reason I will start to clash is that I try to fix things that “the boss” doesn’t see as a problem. I walk into work every day with the mindset, “ok, what can I improve today”. It seems like most people go into work with the mindset, “what do I need to get done today so I can get my paycheck and go home”.


ENTJ are not leaders, organizers, administrators, initiators, enthusiasts or performers. Those belong to ESFP, ESTP, ESTJ, ENFP, ESFJ and ENFJ respectively.

ENTJ are pioneers, enterprises, sometimes entrepreneurs. It is very important to note what a pioneer is. From the Latin pied, meaning foot. Pioneers were foot soldiers who cleared the path ahead of the army. Leaders only in the sense of being in front, not being in charge.

ENTJ are examples. Wealth, power, money, influence, etc have nothing to do with being an example. The problem in modern society is that most Entrepreneurs require capital to start out, and once successful wealth, power etc are part of the package.

ENTJs know what is right, best and true. ENTJs succeed not only because of efficiency, but also from boundless energy and optimism. Even when outwardly depressed ENTJs are sleeping dragons waiting to be awakened. A dead give away of an ENTJ is when a person appears to be in dire straits, usually brought about as a result of stagnation in their life, roused into a whirlwind of activity with the slightest injection of resources. These resources can be anything from a new job opportunity, learning of a new form of psychology, or something as small as meeting a person who needs them or would benefit from their interjection.

The eagle is not our animal, and the dragon probably belongs to ESXP. The ENTJ is the Phoenix, infinite power, burning desire, glorious in all of its flight, destroyed of its own flame, reduced to ashes, only to be reborn and do it all over again.

Depending on the primary function of the person they will become the leader of different fields:

Se: Physical forces, materials. Head of construction/materials industry. Avoid working in construction you’ll run across an ESTP boss. They are snakes and misers. They would sooner let their employees suffer physical harm than to purchase a new tool. Construction also tends to attract a lot of ISTps, avoid them like the plague. S_Ps are the reason trades and contractors are considered crooked.
Si: Physical harmony, comforting. Head of spas, hosting parties, catering etc. The domain of ISFPs. A purely corporate involvement is tolerable. Stay away from anything involving feeling good, looking good, or making others feel/look good.

Fe: Emotional. Heads of feel-good groups, activist groups, terrorist cells, cults, cabals. If the prevailing idea is of emotion (most revolutions) stay away. Its a waste of time. Avoid fashion (Si + Fe) industry, performing, this includes all politics. Politics has become the realm of ENFJ, ISTJ, ESTP and INFP. A lot of ENTJs can be found as comedians and very successful musicians/singers. For some weird reason ENTJ have this insane musical intuition. Learn a musical instrument, its good for the soul.
Fi: Friendship and happiness. Moral justice and guardians. Don’t really know where Fi’s are found in the world. Think Superman, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa. A worthwhile cause. INFJ are not good leaders but if they are leaders they can be swayed by ENTJ and are at least very tolerable.

Ne: New stuff. Research labs. Not a bad vocation, Ne is ENTJ’s most powerful subconcious function and sits as the second most powerful function behind Te. ENTJ are inventive, but only in terms of efficiency. Coming up with things that are needed, not necessarily new. e.g. Leonardo Da Vinci (ENTJ) invented scissors, except it wasn’t really an invention it was more of a logical conclusion of sharp metal cutting pieces of trees. I would go so far as to say that the world is filled with ENTJ inventions far exceeding any other type, they simply are not patentable. ENTP are tolerable if you are the Overlord and they are the Mad Scientist working for you.
Ni: Mysticism. Extends to very intuitive work favoured in detectives.

Ti: Hierarchical structures and research. Same as Ne but extends to military service.
Te: Efficiency. Consultants and executives. ENTJ can be a leader in any business because all business involves efficiency and effectiveness. The business of efficiency is sometimes referred to as business systems analysis.

Wherever ENTJs are they are probably making executive decisions, usually involving efficiency. As a note about details (Si) it is rather difficult to handle this but only because of a lack of experience. Depending on the strength of the function people can exercise them at varying levels. Te, ENTJ first function, draws from experience, but can also perceive efficiency, and predict in real time the outcomes of the efficiency of a system. An ENTJ can instantly see what is wrong or inefficient in a situation, even having never experienced it, then can prescribe a solution and predict the outcome.

While Si being the weakest function in our repetoire, dealing with details and minute quantities is impossible to handle. The only manageable details are learned from experience. Remember back to the first time driving a car and having to react to huge sensory overload. Check the speed, check the car in front, check both mirrors, check your revs, push the gas peddle only half an inch with the biggest limb in your body, signal, blind spot. Or doing mind crushing paper work, or programming. Most of these are impossible to learn and tedious to work through.

Therefore an ENTJ will never be able to be a gourmet chef because they cannot discern the minute difference in the timber of the slight traces of some stupid ass flavour hidden in the taste of food, which is meant to be eaten quickly so we can get back to work. The only way to do it is to have experience in it. Ideally it should be trained, an authority on the subject should tell you what does and doesn’t taste good. After many hours of instructions ENTJs can come to an understanding of details on par to that of the stingiest critics.

The point of this was to encourage military service (TiSe/ ISTJ dominant). The military is the perfect place to develop all of your details needs. If you are situated in life in such a way that you can delegate your detailed work (ESTJ/ISTJ are gifts from heaven for this) then you need not concern yourself. If on the other hand you wish to address your Achilles heel and root out your greatest weakness, do a stint in the military. The greatest military leaders were ENTJ, and for good reason. Read about Alexander Suvorov and George S. Patton, (Also Julius Caesar). Go in as an officer, should be easy for anyone with a graduate degree.


I usually get along with Thinkers a lot more than Feelers as I can be more straight-forward and direct towards them. Depending on each different work environment and other office politics aside, while one type can be great for one area can be annoying in another.


Sorry I don’t mean to knit pick, I don’t think your example illustrates that ENTJs do not do well with detail well. I think your example is about getting all the necessary motor skills and coordination working at the same time. When one first starts out in any skill, eg horseback riding, riding a motorbike, driving a car, golf, etc, one is usually very uncoordinated. All these different things that have to be done at the same time. With practice all these different things that you have to do at the same time will come together. I believe that whatever your MBTI is, you are going to have to work on refining motor skills and coordination to get good at anything. It will get to the point where it just becomes quite intuitive and you just know what to do without have to think it through.

I’ve never baked a cake in my life. I am no gourmet chef. But if I am so inclined, I will learn every single nuance as to how to make the best cake ever. It isn’t about amount of details or that I cannot cope well with it, its that I am not interested in unnecessary details and steps that are redundant in the process of creating the perfect cake. Ultimately my cake must taste superb and be made efficiently. This disregard for extraneous detail which is deemed important by other people but serves no purpose is what other people see as “not doing well with details and disregard for detail”. Its not that I am no good with details, I just can’t be bothered doing something does not add to the the perfection of my cake.


i do think Details is not a problem with N types ( or at least with me), as long as it is reasonable. Most of the skills can be learnt. Some are born with these skills and hence pay less effort on achieving them, others have to pay more time.
paying time on details is like when you paint a painting, you have to imagine the whole picture first, then organise the details in it. what should be expand more, what should skip over). S types seem pay too much focus on the details ( even unecessary things), dwelling on it and forget the big picture, while most N types are willing to skip over all these uneccessary details to get a better whole picture.


Do you suppose your POV has a distinct gender bias? Frankly, none of the ENTJs I know would ever be interested in the military or doing any sort of physical labour.

I think you have an interesting perspective but in regards to “Si: Physical harmony, comforting. Head of spas, hosting parties, catering etc. The domain of ISFPs. A purely corporate involvement is tolerable. Stay away from anything involving feeling good, looking good, or making others feel/look good.”

Your experience is the opposite of mine. ENTJ women love throwing dinner parties and typically have a keen sense of aesthetics and are good at matching people up with one another. ISFPs I find are always the opposite- and tend to withdraw into themselves and hate anything related to throwing parties, organisation and the like. Feeling good- making others feel good is probably an ENFJ trait.

I also love to cook, and would consider myself an amateur chef more in the style of Nigella Lawson than Jacques Pepin but still it’s one of my favourite things to do to unwind and relax. I noticed with ENTJ men (well actually just my father who is the same MBTI type as I am) but he appreciates femininity and musical/culinary ability in women, so that could’ve been more of a factor in determining my interests regarding the latter.

I’m just wondering if perhaps genotype affects MBTI type- and if there are actually ENTJs who are attracted to one profession over another. Certainly I’ve noticed that a lot of female ENTJs have an attraction towards film production and law and probably repulsed by the thought of being therapists or sitting for long periods coding software.

I think in regards to climbing the corporate ladder, many ENTJ women appear “too competent” to male superiors- hence their factor of intimidation might stultify them from getting promotions. Rule 1 in the Law of Power says, never outshine the master, and we have a tendency to show off.

Anyhow, thanks for your insights.


Hmmm, has there ever been an ESFP in charge of anything? I must research this :laughing:

Imo, ESFJ, ESTJ, ENFP males are probably the most compatible to work for in regards to ENTJ women. Maybe it’s different for men. ESFJ/ ESTJs demand respect but will probably let you do whatever you need to do and leave you with little supervision. ENFPs are flexible in that you can try out new ideas and they will support you in experimenting with new processes.

The worst bosses are probably IXXP types- they tend to competitive with their staff and might attempt to hide their insecurities with controlling, tyrannical behaviour which they erroneously view as “boss-like” behaviour and probably the first to point their finger at someone else in an attempt to deflect responsibility.