Do any of you wonder about the following questions?

If 45% of the kids in the elementry grades are SJ’s and 30% are SP’s
What is the percentage of NT’s SJ’s ect in college?

Someone suggested to me that Germans were more probably NT’s (Not much fun, always plotting ect)
the French were probably a nation of F’s
The question then: is it possible that temperments follow nationalites?
The USA then would really be a mixing pot.

What temperment are most politicians?

Have people ever been tested for tempermant at say 10 years old, then tested again at say 40 to see what the differences were?

I have thought of serveral more but they slip my mind at the moment
As I drive around during the day I wonder what makes different goups of people tick.

I think I read that CM said India was full of SJ’s. I wonder what Africa or Asia is full of?

My head hurts now and I still have to go to work.



I think most Scandinavian countries are NT. I’ve asked for it before, and I’ll ask for it again: I want a global MBT density map. This could shed so much light on how countries comprised of mostly a certain type do things.

I’m Irish and German.