Reading Women's Minds


How’s it going everyone?

As an ENTJ, I have always been fascinated by psychology in general, but one thing that has intrigued me more than anything else is the Pick Up Artist Community. Many people associate Pick Up Artists with wearing bright shirts and putting on a dog and pony show to get laid. This may be the case for many, but there is one man in particular who has revolutionized the dating game more than anyone. His name is Vin Di Carlo and he has discovered a unique way to utilize genuine psychology by applying it to pick up. Vin has literally discovered a way to read women’s minds.

Vin’s findings are based in Evolutionary Psychology and much of the evidence can be referenced in Matt Ridley and David Buss’ work. The basis of his findings are grounded in the 3 conflicts of the female mind. These three conflicts are a result of the tension between a woman’s biological drives and societal pressure. The Three Conflicts are: Time, Sex, Relationship. There are two coping strategies for each of the conflicts and the evidence for it is in Festinger’s studies on Cognitive Dissonance and Backwards Rationalization.

From the three conflicts and six coping strategies, we are presented with 8 three-letter personality combinations similar to the MBTI profiles. However, these personality profiles go much more in depth and can tell you anything from how a woman wants to be approached, how to talk to her, how fast to escalata sexually, the type of sex she really craves, how to keep her devoted…ad infinitum.

This discovery has revolutionized my thinking in general and has transformed my life in ways that cannot be articulated fully with words.

Here is a full articulation of the archetypes:

There are three conflicts to the female mind and the basis is the tension between a woman’s biological drives and societal pressure. 1. Time 2. Sex 3. Relationship. There are 2 coping strategies for each conflict making 6 total. 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. Therefore, there are 8 personality classifications that a woman will be. This is based in evolutionary psychology and the profiles are astoundingly accurate.

  1. Time: [Mate Optimization] Women are on a deadline to mate with a high status man, but society looks down on women for being single two long. Two options: TEST a variety of men and put them in a number of roles to come together and form a perfect mate. INVEST in one man with potential and try to shape/nurture him into being perfect.

  2. Sex: [Risk Aversion/Emotional Pain] Women are almost more sexual than men, but tend to hide it out of fear of social chastisement and chauvinistic societal double standards.

DENIERS deny advances and repress memories of sex and thereby make it seem like a big deal. [Sensing personality types are often deniers.]

JUSTIFIERS will go with their desires and come up with reasons to justify it later…and sort of devaluing sex in their minds.

  1. Relationship [Worldview]: Women are driven to nurture a family, but society says be self-sufficient and more masculine…thank you feminism.

REALIST: Independent, career driven and self-sufficient.
IDEALIST: Co-dependent, little princess, aspires to the white picket fence ideal.

The 8 Archetypes are:

  1. Playette [Tester - Denier - Idealist]

  2. Hopeful Romantic [iNvestor - Denier - Idealist]

  3. Social Butterfly [Tester - Justifier - Idealist]

  4. Cinderella [iNvestor - Justifier -Idealist]

  5. Private Dancer [Tester - Denier - Realist]

  6. Connoisseur [iNvestor - Denier - Realist]

  7. Seductress [Tester - Justifier - Realist]

  8. Modern Woman [iNvestor - Justifier - Realist]

ENTJ and INTJ women usually are Modern Women.

The Modern Woman is the best kind of a woman because she is intelligent, playful, caring and nurturing, tough, free spirited and sexual, realistic about dating and men and she is very loyal in a relationship…but also comfortable with casual fun.