real life experience with ENTJ


i read somewhere that people have a very bad opinion on this type (assholes/bitches/ control freak… or something like that.) As this is the ENTJ forum, i think it would be nice to hear what your experience and thoughts about this type are. As you dont need to show your pic here, so pls feel free to post! All are appreciated!

Note:Pls state your MBTI type and state the basis you base on to determine your type and theirs (i.e you determine them/ you by yourself, have taken the test…?)


Hi lamer, I’m guessing that you mean a general opinion of any mbti type regarding the ENTJ.

I’m most probably INFP (or J), and my real life experiences with ENTJs has been really good so far. There’s an easy and natural communication, and I tend to let them get on with things as they do for me as well.

Some ENTJs I know are my Uncle, my best friend, and a close family friend. My ex from over 3 years’ ago was also an ENTJ.

These ENTJs in my life aren’t asshole, bitches or whatever lol. But you can generally see one from a mile and they can be of any type, and it so happens that ENTJ personality is one of the many asshole kind out there. In fact, my ENTJ best friend started off as cold and straight-cutting but it was just a matter of cutting past it and seeing her opinions for what they actually mean. We grew in our friendship and are now very close! I suppose it was I who pushed this friendship in the beginning otherwise she would have already moved on since we weren’t meeting eye to eye at the time, but down the friendship line, she encourages it more than me. So it’s a mutual thing.

It’s probably worth adding that some of the difficulties I had with my ex was that he required a great deal of closure in a lot of matters whilst I was more “go with the flow” and preferred to keep open ends. He liked that I was laid-back but it annoyed him when I couldn’t be specific or reach a decision. It caused some communication blunders, and communication is important to both of us, so we learnt a lot of new things out of this. Another problem was that he treated my personal concerns as though he’s picking apart a machine and finding a way to fix it, which is ok until it’s not ok because everything I say is analyzed. Overall, we felt safe in each other’s company so not a problem.

I know a lot of people who felt uneasy around his company because he said things like it is, and it can make people clam up and even try to dominate their views/opinions over his for the sake of it. Things get messy this way.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I have positive experiences mostly with the ENTJs I know.

PS. I just remembered an ENTJ teacher I had in school. He was, in one word: scary. Kind of threatening too, and very cut-to-the-chase. Very direct and down to business. Can switch from absolutely calm to absolutely no-nonsense. Maybe he behaved like this judging by the nature of the school, seeing that teaching methods and style were mostly linear and also the school consisted of a lot of mess abouts at the same time, so he rather trust his own teaching style and the way to approach and deal with students. He had very high standards, but he didn’t impose it on others, he just exposed people in his class to see how they are handling their own knowledge/work, until he’s required to impose his standards.


For the most part, entj’s love to use brutal honesty and we don’t really “sugar coat” things…

Im sure more entj’s can tally in on other aspects that may be “too offensive” for the average personality to handle, which in hand makes us (assholes/bitches/ control freak… or something like that.) :wink: