Reasons Why Wanting Things Makes Us Happier Than Having Them


While researching information on consumer psychology, I came across the following article: … ving-them/

It basically states that the urge to acquire products make us giddy – but once we acquire the product, we get bored and look for the next best thing.

While there is some truth to this, it may be an oversimplification. I know plenty of individuals who spend most of their lives cherishing decades-old mementos.

What is your view on this? Does it not depend on the person and the product?


Of course it depends on both parts of the phenomenon. Also as in each part can cause total failure regardless of the other.


i think it’s probably true for frivolous things like new versions of iPhones, a pair of new shoes, and a haircut.
but if you are talking about things that REALLY matter in life like relationships, health, and family, then probably having them is more important than wanting them.


See this theory about “wanting things” is an ascetic ideal similar to many cult doctrines. The idea functions as a fiendish coping mechanism for a broken ego that seeks to justify theft. A lot of “con” jobs focus on exploiting “concurrency”.

This reminds me of a forum post I once read by an INTJ. It was the usual backwards ass social warrior type shtick that transpires after an Ni type gets stuck in the bargaining stages of grief. The thread was titled “Is it rape?”. The example I posted was that if one attempts to murder and the victim dies days later as a result then it is in fact murder. The poster was trying to exert Post hoc ergo propter hoc after establishing a diminishing returns on the terminology of “attempt”. I think that same algorithm is in play here.

The thing you have to remember is that there always exists a middle ground/neutral place for every situation, its just most of the time amoral, ineffective, or entirely irrelevant like the number Zero.

In conclusion let me put it in very simple Socratic terms even a 2 year old can understand:
“You want what you have right?” <-- see the concurrency there “want” and “have” happening at same time.
“So is it okay if I steal all of your stuff?” <-- obviously not lol

For more information on this phenomenon I suggest:
There are of course many great INFP philosophers whom can iron out most the small details, I recommend one of those french guys whom know their social etiquette.