Rule the World and be a Billionaire


My big dream is to rule the world and be a billionaire. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t rule in a dictatorial fashion, I would rule with fair logic and reasoning, and delegate the majority of the ruling to countries for them to handle rather than myself and the people working with me. And I want to be a fantastically rich person not necessarily just for the money, but for the joy of managing all those assets and organizations! The glory of all that success would be great too though…

Those are my dreams. Power and wealth. I don’t want them for the shallow reasons, I want to achieve those dreams because I know that I am more capable than most people are, and I feel that because of that I am obligated to lead everything I can possibly lead. I don’t just feel a personal desire to, I don’t just feel that its best that I am the person leading, but I feel obligated to lead even when I don’t want to lead. (Which is very rare)

I hope wanting to lead literally pretty much everything in the world doesn’t make me like mildly mentally ill or something lol. I just wouldn’t ever pass on any opportunity to move into a higher position of leadership because I know that I have an obligation to lead due to the things I know, understand, and see, that the population does not know, understand, and see.

Do any of you feel like this? Is that a result of my personality?

I’ve noticed about a year ago I was an INTJ, and saw my introversion as a weakness, so I worked on it, and I am now very strongly extroverted. Since I have become through and through an ENTJ rather than an INTJ I have went from being a person that would know how to lead and know I was the most capable leader, but would refuse to lead, to actually feeling my purpose in life is to lead.

So that change in my personality from refusing to lead as an INTJ to feeling I exist to lead as an ENTJ made me wonder if that is what triggered this change in me, my personality type changing.

Do any of you feel obligated to lead? Or do I feel obligated to lead for some other reason, and its just coincidental that I began feeling this way around the same time I changed from an INTJ to an ENTJ?

And is the way I feel morally wrong? Its not like I want to lead in a bad way, I just want to lead because I can lead the best I think…


I’ve sort of been through an I-E transition myself. I have no idea which side I lean towards now after looking into it for a tremendous amount of time.

Roughly two years ago I was leaning far more heavily towards the “I” side, but due to work and improving myself socially, I find myself far more easily being extroverted. I’m not even trying harder to be extroverted a lot of the time. It just happens for the most part.

Leading is something that has always been sort of natural for me, and as I’ve transitioned more towards an “E” state, I wouldn’t say that my urge to lead has increased, but I would say that I find myself leading a lot more just by having a more confident, less subtle presence. I think there’s also some level of “status” game that happens subconsciously, and people have assumed my status to be higher lately, and assumed that I’d be the one leading.

I think for NT types, we’ll all typically lead if we deem it to be necessary, but ENTJ’s are a bit more prone to go out of their way to lead than an INTJ. Personally, I do feel obligated somewhat, but I try to remember that I shouldn’t rob other people of challenges or take away their opportunities to grow, or take away their responsibility for that matter.

As for morals. To each his own. I’m pretty sure you can figure out if your urge to lead will have a good effect or not. Your post implies that you see it as a good thing.


The bigger question - as “world leader” what would you have done about the Libya situation?


What I would do with the situation in Libya would depend on a lot of hypotheticals. But if everything was like it is today, I wouldn’t do anything because the resources simply aren’t there. There are only about 1000 rebels in Libya, most of whom don’t know how to fight like a decent military. And they need assistance from the air, so essentially it depends on another military force to do the work for them.

The United States doesn’t have the money or resources to get involved in another war, the United States is only intervening in hopes of setting up a puppet government to support them to replace the current government in Libya, and its not fair to people in other countries under other dictators to receive no help while Libya does receive help. And the U.S. is not capable of policing the entire world.

I would try to help arm them perhaps though. That seems more practical than actually getting involved in their civil war.

Now in a hypothetical situation where there was a different situation… Libya wouldn’t be a country if it was up to me. Its made up of several different tribes that hate each other, and don’t want to be together. They want to dominate each other under their current situation by taking control of the government. That’s how this idiot dictator has held control for so long, because two or three tribes support him even though he is insane. So the solution is to not force all those tribes to be a country together, and let them have their own tiny countries/ governments. Then it would be far less likely they would fight each other because they could make their own rules and not worry about another tribe using the government to hurt them.

I think that’s just scratching the surface though. There’s a million things to talk about in troubled areas like Libya.


I personally am going to be a Bajillionaire.




Quoted from the ENTJ Big Dream Forum

I’m curious about where you find justice in the world. Also could you toss some of the foundational logic about it to me. I found this post intriguing.