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You could have posted yours.


You seem to prefer brainy under-stated humor, especially when it has a bite. Do you know some people who need to be cut down to size? If so, you probably like sarcasm--a form of wit in which the object of the joke is a victim of ridicule or criticism. To be sarcastic, you must keep a straight face so you can keep your victim off-guard until you let 'em have it. Comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Janeane Garofalo and Dennis Leary are sometimes described as having a "dry wit" because their comic sensibility is considered abrasive and a little mean. Like them, you know how to use humor to wound your victim in a passive aggressive way. So, you might want to keep that in mind next time you're being sarcastic with your friends. Otherwise, the next joke could be on you.


I know but it was late and I didnt feel like takin it till morning

Your sense of humor is DARK
Who says Goths don't have a sense of humor? Goth or not, you certainly seem to appreciate the dark side of life, and it shows in your sense of humor. You might like dark (or black) comedy, because it pokes fun at our fears and anxieties. Life can be scary, and a lot of people try to avoid thinking about things like violence, death and disease. But not you. You look fear in the face and laugh. This can be a little disturbing to people who don't find the macabre very funny, but cracking jokes can be a harmless way to deal with harmful things. So, turn off the lights, put on that creepy Tim Burton movie and enjoy.


Does anyone else find that they are able to be cheered up very very very very easily?

I find that even in the worst of times, a funny joke will make me laugh. It's like I am unable to truly be sad when there are people around me. The other day I found myself saying, "Shut up and just let me be sad for a minute," in an attempt to own and experience my F.


Yeah. I've noticed this. I pretty much have to sneak off to be by myself in order to experience a good funk. Otherwise, I'm too easily cheered up by people.

Same with getting good and pissed off. I don't think I can hold on to angry for much longer than sad.


Someone who gets my sense of humor can always lift me out of a bad mood.


Yeah, I agree completely.

However, every once in a while (and this is pretty rare - it has to be sparked by something significant), I do tend to brood if I am alone. Its almost always got to do with some situation where I didn't meet my own expectations. Again, like you said, if I hear something really funny, or spend time with close friends, I snap out of it pretty quick (even if I haven't resolved the underlying issue).


Observational humour and Dark humour for me. I love laughing at something no one dare say, hence the Dark humour. People like Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle are brilliant, I never find myself disgusted, just in tears (happy tears). Observational humour is just funny because it shows how stupid people are which, as a smart ass, I adore.


This must be why intjs and entjs get along so well! :laughing: :smiling_imp:


I find INTPs to be masters of irreverential humor - i.e. a total disregard for any type of conventions. I enjoy that tremendously, but yes, the funniest guy I know is an INTJ. Its not like he’s a comedian, its just his observations are twisted enough that I especially enjoy them.


What is my sense of humor: Sarcasm and 2 folds words:d that uses your imagination to understand ( so ashamed that my friends often call it " dark mind")


I, too, get easily cheered up by others no matter what. It also applies when I accidently hurt myself in the presence of my friends. It hurts, but you just cannot help but laugh about it. After laughs I get back to the pain saying - guys this really hurts :wink:

My friends and “trusted” can also easily talk me into doing something as long as I consider it fun and not toooo crazy :wink: Observational and dark humour for me too.