Should ENTJ Forum be a social networking website?


Should ENTJ Forum be reinvented as a social networking site using ELGG?

  • Yeah
  • No, leave things be
  • No, try something else
  • No opinion


Should ENTJ Forum be a social networking website using ELGG? Some of the features are described here, and an example website is here.

I have a dictatorial twitch urging me to do it anyway, but I'd be interested to hear thoughts from you guys.


Yeah, I like the idea


Whatever, the forum's dead anyway.


Seems legit. I think forums may be considered somewhat “old skool” nowadays. It is now all about collaboration, groups and user communities. For instance, new breed of internet users are more savvy with facebook groups than with debating on a turn-based-thread.

All in all, I like the idea of turning it into a social networking website. I guess you can try different things on the forum first before plunging into this idea :confused:



Or at least, it should become something similar to a social network.

I think social network have more ways to deal with spam.

I had a social network on the NING platform, but the same is not free anymore.

I think buddypress is also a good alternative.