Stay At Home Mom- ENTJ female


Are there any other ENTJ females on here that are SAHMs or moms in general? My oldest is almost 4 and youngest is 2 1/2. I would love to compare notes and laugh at what an ENTJ mom looks like. I’m the type of mom that spends tons of time creating systems upon systems in the house. I hate folding laundry, so I have a hidden holding cabinet for laundry that needs to be folded. I fold it when I can’t hide it anymore. Everything has a place because if it doesn’t it ruins my mood. It can be out of place for days, but the lack of a functional home for a toy drives me crazy. My almost 4 year old is already reading, so we follow a kindergarten curriculum and I even nerded out with our office looking like a kinder classroom. But I can’t just mom. My brain will never calm down, so I day/swing trade and have meticulously created trading stations around the house so I can hand my kid a blue crayon but also watch my stocks at the same time. It’s not enough to use my phone to take photos, so I have also taken up photography as a side project. I could go on… Just curious if there are any others on the board?


My husband and I decided to make his career the priority and with that we moved to a remote area for a career opptunity he had… I made raising 3 children my new project management. I am also artistic and did that on the side. I’ve since returned to work FT but have had difficulty starting over at the bottom. I highly recommend you keep developing a technical expertise or side business while a SAHM.