Sustainable World/Peacefully Colonize Universe


World peace will come when people have absolute assurance/certainty that their way of life is sustainable. In order to create world peace we must find the best model to create sufficient sustainable resources for a projected future population. Once this is achieved, people must know that they have a right, enforced, to their given amount of resources. I think that the best practice for this would be to assure everyone an upper middle class life (as defined by the standards right now) and allowing them to improve upon that if they wish. If the population wishes to increase, they must plan to have sustainable resources for the projected population.

Once our own world is stable and peaceful, we must colonize the Universe. Eventually our sun will burn out and the black hole at the center of our galaxy will engulf our planet or what is left of it by that time. I am using an optimistic theory of the Universe, that it is ever expanding and will not come down to two giant (or tiny) black holes competing for the last of the matter in the Universe before one engulfs the other and explodes, having nothing outside of it, like the big bang, creating another universe and renewing the process. Assuming that this theory of perpetual expansion is correct and we will not be wiped out regardless of what we do, we can sustain the human race and what it evolves into indefinitely.

We must continue to develop weapons for defense, but never for aggression. We can colonize uninhabited planets, inhabited planets (if they are willing to accept us), and create livable spaces like self containing ships or even planets. We must reach a point where we absolutely know that the human race or what it becomes is going to be able to exist forever (this comes with keeping the resources they use sustainable). This population will have one job, constantly improve conditions until they are optimal, sustain these conditions, sit back, reproduce, and enjoy life until death. This is the absolute end, bliss (for me at least).



Pain allows people to grow , how they grow is up to them.When people get hurt, they learn to hate, when people hurt others they become hated and are racked with guilt and it becomes a chain of hatred caused by pain . But when people understand that pain, it will allow them to be kind and to understand love.

Because Love always has hope, it can change people,it can alter destiney ,change the evil to be good by faith in them to reject their source of PAIN to choose the right path ,it never gives up on those whom it has hope in because it has joy in those it is suffering for, is able put up with anything in order to save those whom it loves, it never condemns because it understands their Pain.

If you are in love you should always hope. If you love, you shouldn't condemn another person. That is my principle towards others in life

Science has no place in peace. Only when the 16 types understand one another they will be peace. Peace is achieved through regarding the moral attributes of God. Humans don't know peace because they fear death and the fear of death keeps them in Bondage of fear and hate. They will always be selfish, self preservation a dangerous trait of human nature!!! A thousand years from now the human race will no longer exist but it shall be replaced by the same people who were humans before into spirit substance nature. That is the truth and that is what is hidden from you.


I disagree, completely.


That is a cool Ideal Dream. I wish sort of that too:).


There is such a thing in todays world called “Scientific Dictatorship”. It is all about science, efficiency and how people should live according to it. Some people suggest sterilizing poor, lobotomizing anti-estabilishment supporters, wipe out 90% of world population, manipulate climate to destroy industrialized nations, create artificial economic crisises to shape developed/developing nations, mind control people through TV, computer, MSM and chemtrails, infuse cancer carrying flu vaccines, introduce GMO foods to alter human genome, create artificial warfares and boogymans to transfer wealth…and so on.

Some people call it Eugenics. It was Americans who first introduced that idea, but it was Natzis who actually did it. Destroyed inferior nations, turned them into soap, sterilized poor and so on. Then when World War 2 was over, those scientists defected to United States. All this time they were working secretly for US Goverment (experimenting on soldiers without their consent, experimenting on population by mass infecting them, experimenting on Guatamalo convicts, having hundreds of secret torture and interrogation caps around the globe).

The fact is, nobody knows how perfect world look like. The reason for that is because we don’t know who we are. We don’t understand our own nature. We just like leaf on the flowing water and cannot do anything about it. We are very young race. And the only way we have today is to experience catastrophies and learn to live by it. And hope that at the end, we don’t destroy ourselves on the process of it.


I dont think eugenics are needed to do this. if you modify people you can turn humans into other thing…who knows…better not touching what you dont know would be inevitable and unrepairable.


How much do you think they would care about people which 90% they wish to wipe out? They are careless to laymen like you and me. For them, we are just bunch of bugs whose need to be squashed immediately. They don’t care about altering genomes. They don’t care about killing babies. They don’t care about anything except their ideals.

They don’t give a fuck about you and me. AT ALL!