Telling truth or telling lie


Is truth always the best to tell in any situation? What do you think? Pls feel free to discuss!


Why did you felt a need to ask such a question?

Are you going to lie? Feeling guilty?


Of course not. A lie can sometimes do more good than the truth.


Is truth always the best to tell in any situation? What do you think?

If you think of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as the only course of response, ever, then you might be called callous and tackless.

Tact is defined as:
a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations.
2. a keen sense of what is appropriate, tasteful, or aesthetically pleasing; taste;

“she was tactful enough not to shatter his illusion”; “a tactful remark eased her embarrassment”

When someone meets you on the street and asks “how are you” and you have a headache, just got out of surgeryand are on pain meds that are not working, and you father just died, is this what they really want to spend the next hour hearing about?

Some people may have the same attitude as Huck Finn when he said "Why tell the truth when you can lie?"
People in construction call it bullshitting (lying). And you can get away with it for a while.
Until someone shows up that knows and you are shown to be a lyiar.

Lying in little things about ability, or experiece doesn’t not seem to be hurtful but like Jim Rohn said. It is like putting your charges on a credit card. Very easy to do but there comes a day when you have to pay or you are found out. In that day you may go bankrupt or lose all your creditability.

Then there is outright deceitfulness, and lying for dishonet gain. Stealing a coworkers idea and taking credit for it or giving false reports or questionable reports about the corporations financial statur (Enron)

But if some lady as work asks you if she looks good in a certain dress and the truth is she has a big fat ass and she signs your checks, tact might be in order.



I think i am gifted with detecting lie. And good at reading people, especially when i interact with them face to face. ( This might be also because i have worked and been trained for it during my work).
In normal life, when someone tells lie, there is always a reason / driven for that, so i try to understand the that underneath reason/ driven. Normally it is because you are not close to them enough to open up their private life. Maybe they dont want you to get hurt, they dont want to remind of bad things they have passed by, because of any…
In my life, i do tell lies. I personally think if the lie doesnt kills an aunt, or just bring back good things for all people involved, or just simply dont hurt anyone or cause any bad thing, then i accept that from others also and not dwell it deeper. If i find that it’s better that not telling a lie, but can not tell the truth either, i would stay silent.
Most of the cases, i prefer the truth to the lie. I think i am strong enough to handle the bad truth people are afraid to tell me.


A person should never lie. That doesn’t mean you need to answer the question, though. Or, if you do answer it, that you need to be blunt about it.


An understanding of why calvinism at its rawest form, is wrong, reveals the morality of the action isn’t based on the action itself but the intention behind it.

Also, the literal form of the question begs another! what are you seeking to achieve? and I’ll tell you if its a good idea =p


There are a few ways to look at it. Firstly, morality is a human standard set by humans. In general everyone lies, so, where can the standard for lying really be drawn?

Kant would say it is always immoral to lie because morality is based in reason and lying creates a contradiction. By lying we’re creating an exception to an otherwise followed rule, which would be that it is immoral to lie. By creating this contradiction we find ourselves in a world where if everyone else acted similarly it would be impossible to discern what is the truth from what is the lie.

Then, there’s the utilitarian perspective which would suggest that there are exceptions in which lying is favourable. For example, if you were lying to protect someone then you are morally obligated to lie.

This also brings up the question of what drives us to lie, is it our reason or our emotion?


Omissions and loopholing is better than giving/saying false info altogether. I am not a good liar, but I’ve learnt to hold some info back just so that it doesn’t get me into trouble. I do, however, think that lying is ok for a better outcome, on the whole. However, as delilah mentioned in her post above (reference to Kant), I do wonder that if lying to someone equates to an act of disrespect to them, suggesting that they are not capable of handling ‘truth’. Hence, would one be lying in the first place, or merely stating partial truths instead of full blunt truths to provoke thought into someone, or hope they’d ‘get it’ some day? And the small lies that used to bother me once upon a time don’t bother me as much anymore. I feel like I can ignore them much easily, and allow that person to understand their need to compulsively lie could potentially harm them in some way or another.

Overall, I don’t find it necessary to lie. I’m not a good liar, i don’t think :neutral_face:


Being sincere is necessary. This is not mutually exclusive with being honest all the time.

However, I personally can’t stand fakers and pretentious asses. I can usually see through people’s deception, but typically I take the motivation into account. I think sincerity is key- not necessarily blunt, rude, overbearing honesty.




I rarely lie, I like telling people the truth and am not worried about hurting feelings. If my friend looks stupid im going to tell him. I hate it when people tell me white lies BS because they think its going to hurt my feelings(its does sometimes), but I get over it 60 seconds later and correct the action. I think developing a reputation for being horribly honest is a strategic advantage, this quality is commonly practiced throughout the world excluding north america… because we all act like used car salesman. Ill never forget my first run in with a Russian, needless to say he was constantly in trouble with his Canadian girlfriend.