The Alpha Male/Female


You believe in the primal existence of "The Alpha."
The Alpha leads unless another beats the standards, then that male/female wins as the new Alpha.
Bravo types step up to lead when necessary.
Charlies just never lead or it is extremely rare that they do.
So, what–physically and characteristically makes the alpha?

A friend really got into the jaw description of an alpha male and believes that the same sharp and defined jaw-line describes an alpha female. I believe a whole list of other characteristics actually prove whether or not a male or female is an alpha…

By some pictures in the Singles section, I see we house some Alphas aside from the apparent personality type given! :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not me. I’ve never seen myself as alpha beta or gamma. Maybe X ray or Cosmic ray, but that’s just too fuzzy.


is there really alpha or beta… types/ persons? i dont think so. i do think that each person has good and bad things/ and different abilities… Some have more than the others. Thats it. Sometimes the good looking apple still has worm inside, you wouldnt know. Some hide this very cleverly, some dont. That makes the difference.
That’s also the reason why i have never had any “idol” since i was a child. I just respect and adore some characteristic and talents from some people, not " they" in the whole. i used to be suprised why children at my age those times sticked so many pics and consider those " idols" their part of life. stupidity!


Through highschool, there’s no way I was an alpha-male… but then when friend groups are formed, typical entj assertiveness to get my perspectives across do appear.

Like lamer, i’ve never had a person as an idol, it seems like a losing proposition… rating yourself as the amount of willpower you can muster to echo someone else, instead of changing yourself so that the values you hold flow naturally.