The meaning of life is...


Here are my conclusions on the meaning of life:

Fascinating article on Wikipedia exploring the issue by summarizing philosophical traditions from all over the world:

Would love to hear opinions from everybody here. So what is the meaning of life to you? What makes you wake up in the morning?


I’ve often harbored the same thought myself. After many an hour attempting at, probing at, and dismissing solutions…I think I may have found one. The meaning of life is to give it a meaning.

Now that may sound like a rehash of the cliché, but I like to think differently. I believe we are here for a reason. Whether it be by a creator, or we simply just popped up out of nowhere, we ARE here. Resignation to life is almost a weakling’s way out. Life isnt easy, but its an interesting challenge. While it tends to drip with unsatisfactory times and misery, it does have a lot to offer an ENTJ. In our dreams we run things as we see fit anyway, right? Well, here is a reality with other crawling and breathing specimen, just waiting for the ENTJ to marshal! If life went exactly as I wanted it, I would become bored to death in a week. That link you posted had many different theories, some of which I’ve never heard. If so many a different theory stab at the prospect of life and its associated meaning, than in my mind, the only acceptable meaning is the one generated by the individual contemplating it. You are 99% more likely to agree and accept the conclusion you have reached yourself.


To live larger than life.
Body jut exists for a period of time, and turns to dust after we die. Only spirit lasts forever.
I want too be as great as my ancestors- the kings who continuously expanded and ruled this country over their 22 descendants ( >400 years), and also the last and ones that united the contry as a whole.
Or at least , as excellent as my maternal grandmother, who i belive inherited that great genes.
Politician… just like a captain of a ship, but much harder due to leading a nation with millions/billions of people.
The difference between a great leader and a fucking bastard is their ultimate purpose- whether they ae for their own sack/ ofr their own benefit or put the benefit of a nation at first, this means the beneft of the people of the country. No people? there would be no country.