The search for inner peace


Hi guys,

I know I’ve been MIA for a while. Its been an interesting internal journey for the past couple years, but things are finally beginning to come together and make sense, and I would love to share some of my experiences here, in case anybody else has been working on any similar questions.

Its been a rather long and involved intellectual journey, that ultimately turned… spiritual. And I feel a little strange even typing those words, but thats really what has happened.

I’m curious to know if anyone on here has read the books ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ or ‘The Power of Now’?


You’re becoming more balanced and letting your shadow have some influence. (INTP) :slight_smile:

Sorry haven’t read those but would love to hear about them.


Welcome back! I’m happy for you, you seem to have self-reflected yourself into the deeper complexities of humanity-no? That’s something I think ENTJ’s miss too often with our strong ET function. I haven’t read the books you mentioned but your post did bring me to think of others I’ve read which you might find interesting:

‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl (isbn: 978-0-8070-1427-1)-Viktor was a neurologist, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor.
‘Respect in a World of Inequality’ by Richard Sennett (978-0-393-05126-1)-Richard was a professor of sociology and humanities and the spiritual mentor to Tony Blair.

Now, I’m not religious or spiritual (or whatever the popular kids are calling it these days), but I am very Christian- people don’t make sense and, being rational, I must also realize that I, too, am people, but I’ve found God/Jesus to actually make a lot of sense-aside from people, therefore, I must also recommend C.S. Lewis.

…I’m realizing that all these authors are INTJ’s…hm. But I do like INTJ’s, their primary IN function seems to allow for the acquisition of so much more intuitive information on the expansive complexities we live in and also allows them to express that information better, especially in writing; ENTJ’s are meant for talking! However, I’m quite sure that the ancient King Solomon was an ENTJ, or possibly an ENTP; his book, Ecclesiastes, is one of my favorites.