This anxiety is killing me...


So now I am on anti psychotics, resperdon and thorazine… Still ever since I started using those drugs I get this feeling like I am overcharged with electrical currents… It is a brutal experience of being electrocuted constantly in low dosages… I cannot do anything to fix this except for talking about it online it seems… It seems like I am being over charged… Not doing enough, yet no desire to do much at all… Bad thoughts, and feelings… Irrelevancy, and the lack of relevant information… I feel like I want this to end, yet I keep reminding myself of the irrelevancy… Not easy to deal with, and I cannot do anything to comfort myself, because there is no way I can achieve this through my experience, which is useless as data for any project… I tried other forums, yet I cannot seem to stay on them… Despite the attention needed to combat this condition, and achieve a normal state of mind… This is not easily achieved as I do not know how long, or what is necessary to achieve it… I will continue to address this issue online as required, since I cannot seem to do anything else… The end to my troubles is all I can hope to achieve, adapting to my current circumstances instead of a false pretense… A way of terminating my condition, and establishing and optimal one… This would be achieved with the termination of the disorder whatever it is… That is my goal at this point… I want to end the chaos in my head and achieve a proper status… Something that is not irrelevant…


I just posted on another site, pray that they do not ban me, or call me a spammer… I do not need this kind of pressure in the slightest.


I hope you are feeling better. :wink: