This place is a barren wasteland... why?


There seems to be only a handful of posts per week. ENTJ’s not interested in their own forum?


I think most people come here to read, just look at the number of view vs posts on most subjects. I wish people would post more content…


I have seen ENTJ’s at the INTJ forum (I’m an INTJ). That place is always getting responses to threads. I would definitely like to see more posts here though…


I agree. I think most of us are just researching. None of us trying to reinvent the wheel. In contrast, it’s amusing to rouse others such as INTJ board. Social morons are very easy to bait, which creates fun conversations. Yes I’m a prick, but a nice one IMO.


There was a fair amount of investment in getting INTJf off the ground. I’m not sure the founders here put in similar investment.

I wonder if it wouldn’t make sense to dump some dollars into internet ads - if the founders feel like it - and pull in some users… Although it may take a bit of thought to figure out what kind of users to attract.


I think it is perhaps a function of ENTJ characteristics. We are busy efficient people who tend to get bored easily lol
…so yes I’m posting and reading out of curiosity. …who knows how long that will last :wink:


It’s not because we are too busy in our lives, it’s because we need subject posts to debate and argue about. Talking about theories is fine and dandy, but true ENTJ’s like a challenge and want to challenge other’s opinions. There would be more action here if there were more posts about proving your point on a subject matter and having logical and factual input on it from other NT’s, and less about personal opinions, how correlative we are to each other and discussions on “Am I an ENTJ, ENTP, or INTJ?, What do other ENTJ’s do on the weekends? How do I woo my INFJ interest?”. FYI, no on cares what you do on the weekend! Provide a subject, prove your point, and let others discuss it or dismantle it. On that thought, I’m going to start a debate post myself.


Here it is:


Come debate me.