A lot of people think I don’t like to be touched…When in reality it isn’t something I DISLIKE, per se…However, I generally see no need to be casually physically affectionate with most people I know. I am sometimes surprised when people hug me and I never seem to be totally comfortable with it or prepared it’s even somewhat awkward.
That isn’t to say I don’t like hugs. I think I just like them to be within a certain context. I like hugs to be announced so I can prepare myself I suppose. I guess I just don’t automatically respond appropriately/automatically to a sniper hug and I have to think about hugging before I do it.
For example, Hellos and goodbyes are appropriate times to hug because there is some buildup and they’re expected. I am usually less surprised when someone expects a hug in these types of situations. I also like hugging people that I know really well and trust…Sometimes I’ll tell my grandmother I love her and open my arms out to show I want to hug her (she’s an INTJ/she raised me) and we’ll hug for a really long time and rock back and forth. I also enjoy hugging my best friend (an ENFJ) even when it’s sometimes unexpected because I like her a lot and know her well and trust that she knows me well enough to know that she’s pushing my boundaries just a little- she does it anyways because she’s actively encouraging my feely side (she gets away with it).
In romantic scenarios (pretty inexperienced in this category…by romantic I specifically mean general likeness, affection and physical attraction are involved. I have zero relationship experience but I’m working on it :wink: ) I seem to relish and take actual pleasure in little touches and physical contact, and I happily look forward to hugs and actively seek them.
I sometimes feel like I want physical affection as much as anyone else, but that I put up little walls and don’t “let it happen.” I also seem to exhude “don’t touch me” vibes and people seem to think I DISLIKE being touched in general.
I am actually pretty ticklish. I was wondering if personality has anything to do with how ticklish people are. I know people at both ends of the spectrum on just how ticklish or unnaffected they are. It could be unrelated though. Generally speaking I find being tickled almost akin to being tortured…But I guess that would depend on the context? In most cases though it’s almost painfully unbearable.
What I want to know from fellow ENTJs is how you are on hugs/physical affection/touching and whether or not you’re ticklish!


If anyone dared tickle me, I would get so pissed. It’s demeaning, I hate it! And I don’t tickle anyone else either. A quick hug is a nice way to say hello or goodbye with close family and friends. Other than that, I don’t initiate hugs. To hug an acquaintance or casual friend seems insincere and implies a level of intimacy that doesn’t exist. I won’t hesitate to offer one of my warm handshakes tho. I am verbally affectionate and have pet nicknames for loved ones. I pour on the sugar, especially with kids and teens. Honey-baby, sweetheart, etc. They say ENTJs can be sentimental and I think I am.

 I can relate to getting mad about being tickled: It's very invasive. It hasn't happened in a long time to me because no one DOES usually dare to tickle me. I didn't really think about it, but I almost never initiate with hugs. I did recently though, but that was deliberate almost to the point of being planned...It was also somewhat expected. =)
 Hmmmmmm...Sentimental.......*deep thought*


As I read your post I had the biggest smile on my face. I have always had a problem with being touched. I have never given it much thought but as I consider it, my peers have found this a curiosity about me throughout my life. I really really don’t like for someone to just sort of grab and hug me. I get all clammy and uneasy right there on the spot. Even worse, I remain in a bad mood towards that person for sometime. I think it has something to do with the way that I perceive most people. I think they are generally frivolous and easy with their time and person(s). Is that judgemental? I hate to judge but it does seem inevitable. Don’t touch me unless I invite you to do so, and I promise to reciprocate by never touching you. This is my feeling towards the world. I have said to those over aggressive huggers, “I don’t like to be touched”.

Glad to see that I am not suffering from some strange intimacy disorder. I also don’t like for people to sit on the cushion right next to me on a couch if there are other seats available. Seems odd, if we aren’t intimate, that a person would sit that close. (As I read this I do realize that I might be a little crazy, but what the hell). I also don’t understand why a person would park in the spot right next to me, if there are clearly hundreds of other spots available and I not parked very close to the entrance. Space issues???


If a family member like my mom or grandma gave me a hug, I’m fine with it! But if I don’t know someone well, I really don’t see the point in touching. That means poking, patting, hugging, and ESPECIALLY tickling.
I don’t even like when my family members tickle me, but I’ll try to refrain from kicking them if they’re easily offended or under the age of 5. I know that tickling is supposed to be affectionate and fun, but I hate it. It’s not a pleasant feeling, and I don’t like being poked or touched anywhere on my stomach.


Interesting to hear!