Tim Ferris


I’m pretty convinced that Tim Ferris (4 Hour Work Week) is an ENTJ. Anybody else have an opinion?


I have the book on my Kindle but haven’t started reading.

I think the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki is an ENTJ. It’s a similar “get out of rate race” book and I’m crazy about useful books.

We ENTJs seem to be preoccupied and haunted by the fact that we’re slaves of the monetary system while most others don’t even notice it. We realize that the monetary system needs to be our bitch instead of the other way around.

So what can you tell me about the book before I start reading? Is it obvious like most others? Useful?


Nope - in my opinion Kiyosaki is a stereotypical ESTP (though, as an initiator, his type is a cousin of the ENTJ, like the ESTJ and ENFJ. I’ve noticed ESTJs, ENTJs and ESTPs are represented in business/ leadership positions at a disproportionately high rate compared to their % of the population). I do think his books are very good on common sense, but somewhat roundabout, and with too transparent and agenda to sell his games/ other books/ seminars etc. That being said, I read a couple of Kiyosaki books right after college, and thats what inspired me to get into business.

Tim Ferris book is very clever - the basic point he makes is that people in the rat race lose track of ‘time affluence’ - i.e. having the time to do what you want. His entire book is kind of a how-to guide to increase your time affluence. Actually I think I had recommended it once before on the forum.

He just came out with a new one - the 4 Hour Body, due for release in December, should be interesting!

But yes, both Ferriss and Kiyosaki are all about getting out of the rat race, and their books/ blogs are extremely useful.


Yes, agree, Kiyosaki can not be ENTJ. i have read that book before. he is like SP more with his social tact and with sense of present living. Like Donald Trump’s way of talking more.
Tim Ferris is diff. But i dont think he is ENTJ. he looks like of an ENFP more, who is very intelligent but doesnt like hard work but relax more. And his way of writing the book is of that, an ENFP witha well developed T


Tim Ferriss = ESTP


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