Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Married


The misogyny in this post astounds me.


Your Post was very insightful. While I come to the same conclusion as you the journey was not the same. I think the difference in our perspective is due to the dichotomy of extraversion and introversion. Having an immediate family of our own is taxing for us in different ways. The problems you insist on are viewed as trite and petty to me, some even laughable. Likewise I imagine you would say the same of my own.

What I find most intriguing about your post was this quote about love, “because my father provided me with this love.” Such a notion does not occur to me to think of love not as a trait, but to objectify it as an actual tangible possession. I would assume such to be errant or coruptible in some manner. Likewise perhaps my own methods do betray me at times to quantify my feelings in logical dissertation. I am considering if this is the passive nature of women or the symptoms of a larger pattern of mental phenomenon.

Have you by any chance read the derivative writings of Epicurus? I think one could learn much about the challenges of Love by examining the Epicurean Paradox. He also defined pleasure as the absence of suffering.