Travel Writing / Ombudsman... Ah, to dream!


For me, getting paid to travel / explore / write / photograph would be the ultimate.

Living in Asia for the past 10 years (in Cambodia and now Vietnam), I’m in a great position to explore this part of the world.

Started a travel blog August 2011 and sometimes refer to my ENTJ personality in relation to travel. Surprisingly, people have responded. Here’s an example from a recent blog:

I have Travel OCD. There, I said it. Acceptance is the first step toward healing, people.

It doesn’t help that I have the Myers-Briggs personality known as ENTJ, aka The Field Marshal. But Field Marshal? Really? Doesn’t sound all that great considering that the other personality types have names that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like Artisan, Healer or Champion. Famous ENTJs in history include Margaret Thatcher, Simon Cowell (yes, the one that sat next to Paula), Napoleon, Hitler, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Now doesn’t THAT just sound like a fun-filled dinner party?

Thankfully for all you regular people, ENTJs are only 2-5% of the population. Even so, we rule the world. But then again, are just as likely to be lynched.

How does this relate to travel? Well, the “T” in ENTJ is Thinking — which means placing a high value on objective criteria. And the “J” is for Judgment — planning activities and making decisions early. We Field Marshals thrive on taking control and being predictable. In travel terms, this means I’m constantly obsessing on where I want to go next and how to get there most efficiently and exactly what I’ll do when I get there. It’s exhausting. Really.

And a sample response from a family friend:

I have enjoyed James’s travel logs so much and have put most of the pictures in my picture file to use as desktop backgrounds. In the latest blog, my sweet, thoughtful Jimmy revealed that he was an ENTJ. I can’t believe it! For four years I wored for an ENTJ and hated him half the time but he never knew. I saved every penny I made and put it in xxx’s IRA. I had to get xxx to go with me to quit because this guy so intimidated me. James - I am a ISFJ which is probably why I stayed with him so long. I love James anyway. From now on I know to give the Thai-smile to everyone I run into. They might be an ENTJ. I would appreciate if you would forward this to James’s regular email because I don’t want to publish my feels to the world.

If you’re interested, feel free to check out my blog.


Too late I guess.


Checking out your blog now…

This is a dream of mine as well… I’m writing a lot lately, I have a screen play in the works and a novel. Yes, I’m going simultaneously as I have the idea so I have to put pen to paper.

I want to move to France to finish them both but if I could get a travel writing job, that too would be the ultimate!

watch Dhani Tackles the Globe… I love it.