Understanding the misunderstandable.


I am either an INTJ or an ENTJ (I consider myself ENTJ). I find it very odd to be considered an ENTJ, when I enjoy acting. I enjoy acting when it consists of improvising in front of people and making them laugh. However, surely, ENTJs prefer to plan? I do. I cannot go anywhere unless it is planned but, surely that contradicts the fact I love to improvise. Then again, ENTJs also have low thresholds of excitement, and thus it makes sense that I enjoy the high of performing. Does anyone understand why this makes sense, or is anyone else similar?


You won’t believe it but I was just thinking about this a few days ago. All the comedians and actors that seem NTish get typed as ENTP but I think a lot of them are ENTJs because I identify with their sense of humor a lot. I don’t think all ENTJs have to be leaders. I myself am pretty goofy for someone who identifies with a profile of an ENTJ.

If anyone saw me alone in my house they’d think I’m crazy because of the stuff I do. I can range from superserious with strangers to a jokester who burps long words like “Transformers” with close friends or sings the national anthem by burping. I love to do unexpected things in the most awkward situations.

And comedians have all their acts planned out, prepared and well refined before getting out in front of a crowd. They write jokes and ideas down, they practice them in front of the mirror, they do the same jokes in a couple of cities, the same damn show nothing spontaneous about it.

I think ENTJs are one of the most stereotyped personalities of all the 16 mbti types. A lot of people think that we are all arrogant, sarcastic, manipulating, power hungry beasts who are to serious to have fun. I know that’s not true for me. I work hard and play even harder. I’m willing to try anything just to avoid being bored.


A preference for planning doesn’t mean that you can’t wing it and generate a plan on the fly. I think P is just a more chaotic and open-ended form of problem solving. J is a bit more structured and straightforward.


I’m the same way, I prefer to plan, but I’m not afraid to improvise if the situation calls for it.


I like to stratigise and plan things before execution.

However, my appreciation for new challenges and to do and be effective in everything I do overides that at times.
I believe in versatility and ALWAYS be prepared. Sometimes, I do not have time to sit and formulate plans. I need to think and execute on the spot.

I like fencing because I do not have time to think. I think…I die. I have to condition my muscle memory to respond to certain situations. Also, I do have some plans and stratigies behind it, but in real time, I best do it quick.

Routines and procedures are nice. But sometimes, life throws you random ass curveballs, you have to know how to restructure your plans in an instant and execute.


NEVER be set in your ways and say you refuse to master something else because you’re not born nor wired that way. Horse shit. that’s laziness talk. Train yourself to have a wide range of skillsets. Be prepared.

Anyways, hope that helps.