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In each section of the forum, whenever there’s new posts, I can see who last replied, but obviously we can’t see in which topic they had last replied in. For that reason, I’m having to go all the way back into the section of the forum to see which topics were last updated with posts.

Can’t we have a list of updated topics on a side bar; or even the title of the last topic replied in, along with the username of the person who last posted in that topic, for the newest/latest topic update in each section of the forum?

It will look something like this:

Do men really need women?
by senada
Today at 9:57 am


I also think that if you have a side bar of latest topics for guests to see… the most active topics, or the latest most hottest discussion, that may attract new members to join and partake in the discussion, and the forum as a whole? I guess the entjforum is still a young forum, and needs to be specific in it’s objective to draw people in (I understand that the ENTJ personality in itself is specific, but there are other forums that also provide discourse for ENTJs, and so, what can make this forum stand out a bit more?). Just a suggestion! =)