Weak Thinker (Te) seeking job advice


I am new to these boards but thought I would try and glean from advice of other similar types. The first time I ever took a MBTI test, I was typed as an ENFP. That was several years ago. At the time, it sounded spot on, but was very weak with the last two preferences, the F and the P. I have bounced around a lot in my career search, much to the detriment of my wife and three kids. My original goal was to be a Pastor and have my own church, (I know that sounds crazy to most). I am still working towards that, and it is a matter of faith and patience.
I have been in Personal Training for a long time, eight years, and have started my own business which I run out of my Garage. I do ok, but the sustainability and projected growth for what I do is very limited and low. I want to get out of Personal Training. Back story aside, I have a few opportunities to consider and that is the reason I am on here. Apart from money, which is very important, I am wondering which is more suited to my personality.

Here are my current choices:

  1. Purchasing Specialist for an Aviation company
  2. Sales Support Specialist for a Company that produces and sells digital media
  3. Site Manager for a local Zip Lining Company that is new to the area
  4. Carpentry/Remodeling Apprentice

Here are my thoughts regarding each position and why it might be a good fit. Please feel free to add your own critique or insight. Thank you.

  1. Requires creative and forward thinking. Also, good organizational skills are required. I have no knowledge or interest really in Aviation.
  2. Being that I am somewhat of a Feeler, I do enjoy developing and maintaining meaningful relationships. This could be done through maintaining customer’s accounts.
  3. I have managed my own business and other similar businesses (health club). I would enjoy recruiting employees, being in charge.
  4. I highly value skills, and am interested in learning a Trade as I think they are very practically useful. However, I am a very high N and think that would work against becoming very skillful in this field.

Thoughts and comments would be appreciated.