Weigh loss ideas ?


I agree. Too much fruit can raise the sugar levels though. Fruit, veggies and a bit of protein is a good diet. I’m not great on the vegetarian options. I like mushrooms and tofu, but find it breaks when I cook it. I find beans can have not-wanted effects and meat makes me tired in large doses.
Thanks for the encouragement though. I think I’ll go for a more vegetarian diet this Spring/Summer.
Maybe a white meat diet: fish and birds.


Don’t eat saturated fat


dont eat too much rice,sweets and keep on regular excerise…

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I’m not sure what you mean by tofu and mushrooms breaking up when you cook it. It depends on how you cook it- if you grill hard tofu and mushrooms, it tends not to break up on the grill. Mushrooms give off residual water, so the juices can be added to sauces or else to add with other ingredients. Portobello mushrooms have a meaty consistency that has lots of flavour when in a pan or skillet.

Also you can utilise soft tofu and mushroom, chickpeas and add a binding agent (such as breadcrumbs and cooked oatmeal) into the food processor and make veggie patties for the grill as well.

As for weight loss, I tend to think aerobic exercise 30 min/ 4 times a week should effectively increase your metabolism. My favourite is the treadmill/ skiing combo.