what are your enneagram,blood type and zodiac sign


and go!


I got nothing to hide.

Enneagram type=5w4 (with strong 8ish tendencies, hence the ENTJ forum account)
Blood type=O+




Sign: 1st house sun Capricorn with a bit of air and fire in my chart. Not sure on Ennegram or blood type


Im 8w7,(close to 7w8)
zodiac sign: cancer

You have O+ too? I find this interesting for health awareness, you can read:
So bad, you can just only receive from the same type , but give everyone.
maybe there is also really a corelation between blood type and personality, i will share:
scribd.com/doc/11519991/Bloo … ersonality


That’s good information, thanks! I’d actually heard about the dietary differences between blood types before, but not personality differences. I can believe it though. Most of the people I’ve known who were confirmed type O were also MBTI J-types. It seems that the high levels of adrenaline, anxiety etc which the dietary page associates with O-types is also commonly associated with MBTI J personalities.


Enneagram: 3w4
My juice: A+
Zodiac: Libra


Enneagram Type
Self Typed :5
Tested: 1/3/6


My ENFP sister is also type O and she is short tempered as hell.


Enneagram type either an 8 or a 1 both are about equal and depends on my frame of mind



E type: 8w7 837 sp/sx
Zodiac: Leo
Blood type: B