What does the ENTJ want in a relationship?


And what do you think you need that you haven’t received?


Feeling of acceptance. Genuine acceptance, something that happens freely. Majority of my acceptance is because I bought it. Earning them is fine, but it has to be deep and meaningful.
Understanding leads to that as well.
I also want a woman that is formidable. Someone who can stand up to me and say things to my face eye to eye. I need a woman who can push me far and challenge me. At the same time, give basic comfort. Also, find my flaws cute. =]


For a moment I read this as “fleecing acceptance”. As if someone is fleecing you and yet you accept them.

It was a joke by the way (for those who was about to take it seriously and overanalyze that I have hidden agenda of trying to hurt someones feelings).


:laughing: :clap:


Someone who is open minded, reliable, emotionally stable and not needy or clingy.


You forgot to add:

  • Someone who doesn’t nag when you sit in front of computer.


I guess that goes under “not needy or clingy”.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I WANT a woman that’s needy and clingy at times. It guarantees that she won’t cheat on me. That’s a sense of safety I’m gonna enjoy! I had a clingy girl, it was annoying on the first two days, but after it, it was great. =]


It goes under smart and honest. Which you lack by the way. (the former one at least)


That’s a bit insecure of you, isn’t it? Being afraid someone will cheat on you?


People pay up the nose for the feeling of safety. That Pyramid applies to everyone that has enough intelligence to know what safety is.
I’ve been cheated on before, but it really depends on the person. If the next girl cheats on me. Yeah, it’s called walking away and avoiding a restraining order. My end will be clean and legal. She can do whatever she wants, but if she further worsens the situation by not respecting the fact that I’m civil, then Restraining Order won’t cost me a dime. =]
The next girl can cheat on me if she wants. It’s her choice. I have a choice too. It’s a clean leave on my end.
Also, nobody likes a cheater. Being on the receiving end sucks.


I understand that but he seems to believe independent people who are not clingy are cheaters??

I’m pretty confident in my ability to judge who would cheat on me or stab me in the back and who would stay loyal to me in the hardest of times.


I’m confident that my bullshitmeter is well calibrated. However…I’m never 100% accurate. That next girl could be that fraction few that could go against our successrate. What I’m saying is…I’ve gone as far as I can or anyone could to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Anyways, anything with proper balance is usually preferred. Too independent can be a bad thing. My bestfriend thinks I’m cute and everything, but doesn’t date me because she feels useless around me because I’ve taken care of everything. I’m well dressed and well groomed and manners too. I can cook and clean. I’m too independent. What’s funny is that she’s dating with an ENTJ(I really don’t like the bastard because he homewrecked her previous relationship…it’s my preference…i just don’t like homewreckers.). She says I’m too perfect and it’s annoying. That’s the thing with me. I’m by the book. Not all ENTJs are the same, there’s many…subtypes?

Well, I know his type very well. I used to be an arrogant cock. It’s just that, he has a bad mental filter. Perhaps he’ll upgrade to a better one as he matures. I hope he does. I care for my bestfriend a great deal.

I haven’t had a cheater since. That one girl was the only cheater. Well, I suspect my first girlfriend is as well, I just didn’t prove it. Or…I think I beated a confession out of her but can’t remember it. Odd, I would/should remember something like that. Anyways, I’ve dated probably nearing 20girls in my life, and only 2 have made it to girlfriend status. So let’s say I dated 20 girls. I’ve really lost count and I’m too lazy to count them all. But let’s say 20 because the math is easier. I’m pretty sure the first girlfriend cheated but rectify things by cutting me loose. And then there’s Audrey… So that’s two. My bullshit meter in this case proves to be about 90% accurate. I have ~10% error. That’s expected from an ENTJ…not bad. My goal is to sharpen my skills a bit more. That’s the part that makes me ENTJ…desire to sharpen up our natural talents and fix our errors within. =]


The reason for asking what you as an ENTJ personality type would like in a relationship (if you care to know why) is because I’ve had “the issue” of “clinging” to two different ENTJs and the first time i hadn’t even realized until i was just ignored and scolded. In this second encounter after asking an honest person, i have been able to change the outcome.

I haven’t dated many men. i am still so young and dating is definitely interesting to figure. I found out a lot about myself in this last relationship where i was asked to runaway and marry…
I’ve been having a difficult time and now i am fairly convinced that the ENTJ is one of the best, or the best match for me even with the small amount of dating experience that i have.

As far as dating has gone for you all individually, what things were done by the other that you just loved and what has been done that you’ve despised? When was a compromise acceptable?


not all ENTJs are the same. ENTJ just tells you how you generally operate. who you are…is defined by family(surroundings), friends(surroundings) and how you respond to them(internal). Some therapists will say it’s 25% your mom and 25% your parents, and 25% you. and maybe 25% ENTJ. iono…it’s been a while since ive talked to my therapist friends.

I’m emotional for an ENTJ so some have told me, that’s because my nuclear family are all feelers. some of that is bound to rub off of me.

It’s ok to be clingy. It means you can be trusted and you have a heart and passion for people. Just be yourself and find someone who accepts you for you and can keel you placid calm.


If all ENTJs were the same i wouldn’t come across so many arguments.
When in a relationship is a compromise acceptable and when isn’t it?
And being clingy seems to be the issue ENTJs have with “most” relationships I’ve seen in this forum.


It’s funny when there are so many men think “clingy, needy woman”=feminine woman. And they find woman who takes advantage of them, treats them like a gold mine is attractive woman :confused: . Is that because they think they have some value in woman’s eyes by that way? And when their woman leave them, they complaine why she is so bad.They have never met any real woman who treats them with care and as a real man in their life i guess.


I think because these kind of women exist only in fairy tales. In real life, they either cling, or rob you to your socks.



I need a woman who I respect and admire.

I want a relationship where I have a woman, who listens, as well as teaches something good.


Thanks man. I’m wordy and your words just summed it all up for me. =]
Sounds like you’re a better ENTJ than I am. :clap: