what i notice about ENTJ in real life


Atheism is a lack of belief.


Actually no - a lack of belief would be agnosticism. Atheism is a rejection of belief.


I don’t really see the difference between a lack and a rejection of belief. Either way, you don’t believe.





Excellent point stated IMO!


Oh cmon, its’ not like I wouldn’t believe in God if there were ANY evidence for it.

Even in court people don’t believe an accusation and the person is innocent until proven guilty.




I just choose not to believe in things that are not proven. What is so irrational about that?




Indeed, and until then I don’t believe.




Calling atheism a belief is like calling bald a hair color. It’s a fucking rejection of belief. Get it?




I’m agnostic, and I follow Tibetan Buddhism. I follow the philosophy part. I don’t care for previous or afterlife. I don’t remember it and I probably won’t remember this one. But I’ll do my best to live it to the best I can. Agnostic…well…you can figure out why.

I’m the eldest. I’m also one of the Heir to the head of the family. Also I’m the eldest out of all my cousins on my mom’s side, which i’m close to.


I’m an INTP, and am currently in a writing project. One of my characters is an ENTJ. In order to portray his character accurately, I wanted to do some research on ENTJ’s backgrounds to see what makes you guys ENTJs. I would greatly appreciate an insight into your early familial life, such as what type of home you were brought up in (single parent, only child, middle class, upper class, etc.) and how you were as a child. Thanks :wink:


I guess I am agnostic-atheist. I will deny personal God. There is no such thing as personal God as the image of God is nonexistent which is proven in the bible. However, I do believe in impersonal God. One of my weekend hobbies is quantum and classical physics. Sometimes I meet a conflict needing this specific answer which the only one theoretical and logical answer is impersonal God. For example: Who created the universe?

Technically, I am not the first child as the previous child died at birth. I was indeed the only child up until 10 years old and lived the only child lifestyle all of my life as my younger brothers were far too young to share interests.

Looks like your theory reflects me quite well.

I’m pretty positive it’s the parenting style that I had. Due to difference in age of my brothers and I, observing parenting style shifts was quite easy. My father was fairly strict and illogical, and pretty extrovert. My mother is INTJ and she is very gentle hearted, wouldn’t tell my dad this and that as it would spark arguments. I could see illogicalities demonstrated by my father and figure out what he really wanted. My father would smoke, do drugs, etc, but always told me this and that is bad. That’s illogical but I could see that IT IS BAD. I most definitely did not like that ugly side of him. My mother was the sane one and I followed her quite closely. I especially loved her critical thinking skills, the love, the gentleness. I was/am a mommy’s boy. However, seeing that my father being very extrovert got things done with people which I liked. And my mother using lots of intuitiveness, thinking and judging was pretty logical. Looks like I adopted the ‘extrovertness’ from father and NTJ from mother. Combining the E and NTJ was a very powerful force.

I was always a good student(until teens), followed all rules and also very ornery. Very poor family with plenty of monetary struggles.

Just a theory.

Edit: Now that I think about it. We are born with psychological blueprint and it seems as though I was already an ENTJ way before observing my parent’s parenting. Perhaps we are just born this way or at a very young age where we do not remember, parenting roles have an impact on our subconscious mind. Yet another theory.


I am an only child, and with regards to god/s, well if they do exist i believe in them, and if they don’t then I don’t believe in their existance



Ignoring the current religious debate, I’d have to say that the few ENTJs I’ve met in real life were very… forceful… in trying to get me to do what they wanted me to do. It took me ages to prove to them that I was competent enough to know how to do things on my own.

They were also atheist and only children.


Im ENTJ middle child, and believe in God! Ha! Your theory is proven wrong!