What I noticed on the forum


So how funny is this - everybody (myself included) apparently likes to write essays here. What is it with that?


You're right. Maybe it's because ENTJ's are generally very opinionated? At least everyone seems to be staying on topic (an issue I've noticed on other type-based forums).
I've also noticed that there aren't so many new topics. I've got some ideas, but I've been in too foul of a mood lately. :angry:


Agree. I am guilty of this.


Hmm, same.

I think it's because the auxiliary function for ENTJs is introverted intuition.

Therefore, when an ENTJ doesn't have an opportunity to socialize, they would feel like explaining themselves in many, many words to get the meaning across. Since intuitors focus on the future, there are potentially infinite possibilities in the future, and therefore there is more to write about.

An ESFJ, on the other hand, has introverted sensing as their auxiliary, so they would also resort to writing when withdrawn from the social world. However, they would be very concrete and bring up examples from the past.


It can also be the 'art' in writing - you're kinda like 'artists' yourselves, right? :confused:


Same, again.

I've "improved" quite a bit. At one point, damn near every post or email I'd fire off was an extended rant. I still fight the impulse.

For me, it's a coupling of a desire for clarity and the general tangent hopping comparisons my brain tends to make while I'm explaining something. (I was stopping myself for a moment, there, but when ahead and typed it out. Interesting to me that my first concept of what an email or post should be is "EXPLAINING something". Because all have much to learn from me, ha ha.)


I think you hit the nail on the head with that.

I am guilty of letting the odd forum post turn into an essay lol, if its a subject I feel strongly about especially.


I like writing essays, but I prioritize my time, so its either really short or really long.

My favorite thing to do, is to hijack a "leader's" authority when she/he's clearly wrong. This typically calls for a long speech.


I like to blog...using the research for learning and perhaps provide useful information to others...unfortunately, most people don't enjoy reading!


I don't like writing essays, but that might be because usually it's an English class essay, and I have no choice at all about the topic and format.
If I'm writing a forum post or email on a topic I'm interested in, I can spend a long time writing a post.
Also I'm INTP not ENTJ.


I enjoy essays, I usually write twice the amount most people do :smiley: . I think I enjoy it because when I write an essay, I write it as if I am explaining the most complex idea to the stupidest of people. It causes problems in exams however, I put to much detail into the little things and end up wasting time.


Its often necessary to say a fair amount to actually convey your understanding without too much of the underlying ideas being lost when talking to people who may not have the same opinions as you. Misunderstandings can be very irritating.

I think ENTJs might also talk to non-NTs more often and thus have developed a greater need to explain than more introverted intuitives who might deal with people they find uninteresting, less often.