What is the best match for a ENTJ?


Hi everyone! I recently discovered I am an ENTJ, what are the best romantic matches for me?


If you look at the context of how your knowledge was acquired and compare that with other people you will see exactly what you require and hence therefor value.

You discovered MBTI at your peak when looking for a leisurely pursuit such as romance and this was done with another person in mind. Therefor you require someone whom discovered MBTI at the worst of times while attempting to resolve a great conflict for another person. Only then will you see the full picture of all that surrounds and be able to persevere for good or bad as you both require each other.


I could totally tell that answer was not written by an ENTJ. Too much feeling, not enough logic.


I saw “N” galore, personally.


Well i think if a girl could make me surprise and beat my egoness usually it comes in a challenge way ,then i think i can fall in her love but it’s quite impossible to beat my challenges and surprise me cuz i dont get surprised easily which means difficult to be in love lol


INFP’s and ISFP’s are usually the best romantic match for ENTJ’s.

I am seeing an ENTJ now…and we get along well, however he sure has a busy life.

I feel I am on the bottom of the totem pole at times.

I think he likes my sarcastic wit and patience with him, as well as the fact he can totally be himself around me.

My best friend is an ISFP and he originally asked her out, but he does not make the money she requires as well as the fact he was not attractive to her. C’est la vie! My good luck! :slight_smile: She “dresses” more classy as I am a bit more Bohemian, but comes with the territory of being an INFP.