What is the difference between....


…a prostitute and a girl looking for a financially stable guy?

Women always like to talk about equality between men and women. But when it comes to money, they usually seek a guy who can provide. Thus, not so equal? Why? Where the “work together” gone? Can’t a man and a woman acheive things together? Of course they can. But it seems like much easier just find a ready one, isn’t it? In that case equality goes out of the window…

So tell me. If above is correct, then what is the difference between a prostitute and a girl who looks for a financially stable guy?


The difference is:
With prostitute, much money, much sex, no money no sex!
With girl looking for a financial stable guy: security for a new baby born, and even during pregnancy and after bearing- who the person that is willing to stay at home to take care of the baby is normally woman ( honestly speaking: no man wants to do this job voluntary, or live by the woman’s money- which makes him find himself weak). With a financial steady man: at least he can prove himself a strong man who can survive through the difficulty of society, or other words: not a useless one! of course, much money much sex, if money runs out, still has sex!


One question:

Does it take only one man who you wish to make baby to be financially secure? No other ways? No cooperations with men?

Only the guy who pays get the ticket to have a baby? Or sex?

Sounds like a prostitue to me?


I think this is a legitimate question. I dont care if it sounds offencive.


Very simple difference. I think maybe you’re lacking in common sense or something.

Prostitutes are desensitized individuals, usually of the ENFJ or ENTP variety, who rationalise sex as a commodity like a business transaction. They have the mindset, “men use women for sex, so might as well get paid for it”. In that way, they possess an inability to form meaningful bonds with the opposite sex and often have a deep hatred of men that they mask with overt histrionics or inappropriate flirtatiousness. The Hollywood myth, the prostitute with a heart of gold does not exist. Most of them are users of people, and most of them also have drug problems that they feed by working in the sex industry- usually as prostitutes or porn stars.

Although there are some rare exceptions to this- as the recent media case from one year ago involving discovery of covert Russian spies, who were finding out information about various businessmen and high profile executives by acting as socialites and prostitutes within the New York social scene. These stupid executives all confess industry secrets and their personal troubles to pretty Russian prostitutes while not telling their wives a single thing, right? :laughing:

Whereas, back on point, a woman who wants or prefers a financially stable man is a man who is able to support a family or encourage each other and motivate each other in regards to family life and career. In fact, most sane women prefer that. Of course, there is the occasional brilliant genius or artist/musician that an ENTJ might find and want to help him be as successful as possible- but that is to the goal of working as a team to make each other financially and emotionally stable.

And occasionally you do have to watch out for those disatrous women who are like parasites and leech onto their husbands to feed their shopping addiction and lifestyle choices, but those women are probably easy to spot right from the beginning.


What a man would need woman’s guidance for if he’s already financially stable? Discussion of family and life is futile if man already owns stability. You would be talking to a wall.

And isn’t financial stability is the part of encouragement in the first place?

Moreover, encouragement of financial stability doesn’t have to happan within romantic relationship between man and a woman. These things pretty easily could be done within normal human to human interactions that women apprently can’t imagine to be possibly exist? All I see around is the women who just look for a man to support them while they do nothing. Why would a man respect such a parazite? And if you get only sex in return for financial support, isn’t that what prostitutes do?

Agreed. However, the problem with this is not that its hard to sport them. It’s actually very easy. The problem with this is that it’s impossible to find one that does not need a man to take care of her financial needs.


Because men have dreams, hopes and ambitions. Men not forced to become financially stable accountants or any soul-sucking cubicle job to support their unstable, greedy S.O.s.

It sounds a bit like you’ve been taken advantaged of by unscrupulous women in the past and this is showering your perspective with a tinge of bitterness. :wink:
Now I have a great guy friend who is an ESTJ type, and he’s typically the breadwinner in the relationship, but always seems to attract those “aspiring actresses” “aspiring models” and likes to hang out at the Playmate mansion, then complain that all the women he meets are golddiggers and whores.

According to him, you can choose a woman simply by her looks alone, and expect to be taken advantage of but get great sex OR you can choose the unattractive woman with a personality disorder, get no sex, and still be taken advantage of because she will rack up a mountain of debt buying bags and shoes then expect you to pay for it all.

So basically the choice between a rock and a hard place according to his Sensor-perspective. Of course, this made me laugh. I’m sure ESTJ bachelors like him come across this dilemma all the time.

Truth is, if your only criteria is now meeting a woman who is financially a breadwinner, then most likely, you should be limiting your dating choices to women who have MBAs from Stanford or Harvard. Have you tried dating for Ivy Leaguers?


Like what?


I equally don’t give a fuck about a man who is financially poor or a man who is financially well off. See, the poor man is poor and lowly and works hard, but as far as the level of materialistic standing, we do not communicate. My job deals with these modern materials he has no handling of or possession of. I would like to talk of work and pop culture with someone well-versed in the subject. This other dude can be rich or moderately rich, just well-off and be a total dickhead. I won’t notice this financially well off guy until he has more than a few good things to give to others and myself aside from money. I don’t marry or get involved with any man just for sex. Or so that I know that things will be taken care of after the thing that is produced by sex comes along. This is folly. Plus, we already agree that marriage is pretty much futile. So where does that leave us? Why continue trying to prove that marriage and relations between men and women is this way and that way and therefore like “blahblahblah”?


I don’t think you give a fuck about anyone. Not just men.


Hahaha :smiling_imp: Damn, I’ve been caught…


Not. You are wrong. I’m right. Now will you admit it or not…probably not.


This is what happens when a sheep goes where it doesn’t belong.


One of the guys I know herds sheep here about 20 km away (that’s a little bit more than 10 miles in terms of your understanding). He got 300 acre land for them to graze. Interesting animals. And an interesting job. Might try doing it some day.


Well, you do have a knack for herding groups together *zing!


And then you say “I doubt you are an E”. So which one of it now? E or I. Maybe A. Or maybe XYZ?


Cripes, well it was a joke. If you are a strict “E” then that statement applies. But I feel like your “I” likes to switch poles too.


Good. *Puts out his handgun.

Strict? What strictness has to do with someone being extrovert or introvert? *Pulls his gun back.

It’s genetics after all.

What makes your feel so?


Both seek security through sexual means but the difference lies in how much they are willing to invest in the man. A prostitute will offer her sexual services to whoever can pay for them. A prostitute earns her financial security by giving sex with no strings attached. On the other hand, a woman seeking a financially stable man will only offer her sexual services to someone who she intends to mooch off of for the rest of her life.


Haha. “Mooch.” That’s my father’s nickname for trying to mooch off his daughter, his wife (now ex) his (ex) brother in law, and so on…Lol. There’s a reverse role as well. Men can be worthless, inconsiderate pigs; feasting off those around and getting overweight…(Not saying my father is.) Not all women seeking a financially stable man are “mooches.” I’m too independent for my own good; I’m never gonna mooch. Everything aside from finances will be shared. I need a partner; a progressive and independent man. If we get all our shit wrapped together and I start losing count of my own money I’m bringing in as well as his…Hell no. No.

So no, that is wrong. At least for me