What is the difference between....


You’re right, not all women that seek financially stable men intend to live off of them. I guess my definition applies to prostitutes and gold diggers. Independent women seeking independent men is definitely something else.


It’s terrifyingly difficult…


Why? Are most men you know not financially stable?


No men with good finances exist around me, but they’re all young little military dudes getting ripped off by car dealerships because they advertise working well with low-ranking military men. And, a whole bunch of other things that go along with being young, single, and in the military. (Let’s party and bang other military women because we both know that a long relationship won’t last.) Or they’re really old military guys who are married. I’m surrounded by them, I can’t help it—it is my job and my living. Surrounded by them all the time.
Any “civilian” men don’t really understand the living or can entirely appreciate it, especially with my schedule. I just have to reserve that real pursuit of a man for later and focus on college, my own money, my own car, my own apartment, bills and ect. So, it’s not so much the finances but the personal values and responsibilities or lack of that’s a problem with them and the new string of problems with a common financially stable man.


If you’re really only 19, I don’t blame you for feeling this way. It’s hard to find a mature guy at your age. My friends and I hypothesize that this is why women tend to prefer older men. I’ve still only met one guy that contradicts the stupid young boy stereotype.


Obviously not. Once the financial stability is gone, the woman is gone too. Strangely enough…WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED too.

I think a woman who seeks a financially stable guy is just a smarter version of the prostitute. She both has an access to decent financially stable guys while not getting erosive comments from others as a prostitute would.



Financially stable guys can be dicks too, even after marriage. Even if the woman is smart. And how many times do I need to say that money isn’t everything and that not all women are like this? (Me.) Shit


They wouldnt be if they partially owed their stability to you. And probably vice versa.

If you are coming to mooch, then dont get angry if you are treated as such.



I hope you were being sarcastic. Ew. What a dick thing to say “Financially Stable Guy.” Male Chauvinism. Also another thing I guess you have an abundance of! A poor joke if it was meant as one. face-to-palm


Nothing is free in this world.


Ahaha. Aw, I’m dying…I’m dying…Of laughter…At your impending doom…


My impending doom? What it has to do with above?


Your impending doom is going to be death by the hands of a surprisingly powerful woman one day. You may not ever even realize it. But it’s going to happen. I wish you luck. It’s too bad that you are too full of yourself and the god-given dick you have. That could easily be removed. Then what superior man would you be? Cancer of the penis…Hm. Karma may make it’s turn on you one day soon.


There is no such a thing as powerful woman. There is only stupid men who give up their power to women for love and sex which is purely self deceitous.

Now which woman is that gonna kill me? (BTW, I’m not afraid of death. If you are going to strike a knife on my back, make it quick).


That’s what you believe…

Alright, so then me killing you with your back turned just makes me lame and lowly and doesn’t make you look stupid at all? Hm. I think the ability to do that would make anyone powerful regaurdless of sex.


Once I’m dead, you are free to speculate as much as you want.


Obviously you read only first topic and made a conclusion.

Those who look for stable guy usually leave the house with NO STRINGS ATTACHED once financial stability is gone. Perceived emotional connection is a lie.


Women are all psychopaths huh? Something is becoming clear to me about you. More profiling…

Talk of being different species and whatnot like you think you have the equal standing of real “professional” in your arguments. You really think your arguments are 100% flawless…? That’s a great product of arrogance if so…Ah, that male chauvinism too. It will never cease to entertain me.

You actually don’t know anything at all of what being a woman exactly entails, you bloody fool…You speak from only and for only one side of the fence. You lack knowledge or refuse to accept any that refutes you…

You’ve been “burned” by a woman which is why you are so harsh and sexist here and in other topics.

Or maybe you haven’t been burned at all; but have never been in a serious relationship with a woman. (Least likely but very possible.) Maybe you’ve been a lonely man for a while because you just couldn’t successfully function with a woman and are now incredibly insecure. (More likely.) Or maybe you ARE a GAY and are playing at controversy here because you know that most everyone else is straight…And you flourish in debates. (Interesting.)

I’m concluding that you’ve had one or two really bad experiences with women (maybe your mother is involved…Maybe your arguments are tainted with reasoning based off an experience as a child or teen growing up) but not everything in the relationship is one-sided…Which leaves you standing there on stage to reassert yourself.

Based off what actual personal experience do you have with women to come to that conclusion? Or wait, you don’t need anything other than what you just feel and think, right? Oh yea–duh.


Although the equality between woman and man is logical and possible, its not what happens in practice. Women quickly realize that they can trade their bodies for something more than just an equal. In another words, for the highest bidder. They have become so much brazen-faced about today that they even openly demand it through “looking for financially stable guy” thing. Obviously this is much better than openly do prostitution due to the negative outlook of people at it. Therefore saying “looking for financially stable guy” is just mode catchy. Modern. And not yet so degenerated or negative like calling someone a prostitute is. But the fact here is that they have little or no difference after all. Equal is possible, but not feasable. And when they get treated as such in return, it’s much easier to place all the blame on men, since they are more capable people thus more responsible for every wrongdoing.

This scam is extremly disgusting. I’m sure most men realize that scam, but choise to play along nonetheless. And those who do not, they just go for women from another cultures.

Morally degenerated.

Maybe I am some sort of “professional”. You may never know.

Then enlighten me. But the chances that I will receive anything useful is very low, since it hasnt demonstrated in this topic so far.

I’m too smart to be “burned” by a woman. They are pure annoyance. Not a threat.

I’m not a gay. This is the second attempt to discredit me in that way in this forum.

I had more than enough experiences with women that I could wish for. At least at the current set of my mind.


You speak pretty degradingly I hope you know.

Sure. Over my dead body.

No, I’m not so invested in dying just so you can understand. You aren’t worth THAT kind of time and besides you really wouldn’t listen; You’d start “diagnosing” me and suddenly I will have faults and be “young and stupid” as you called me earlier and then, well…You try too hard to delegate others and are successful. That stops with me here. Two can play your game.

Discredit you? Now you have something against gays and lesbians do you? Wow. Your list is alarming me…There’s nothing wrong with being gay (depending on who you ask; it’s a simple sexual preference just as you and I prefer the opposite sex…) No, it was a theory because you troll so much about women and you are such a male chauvinist. We both know you love debating. What more fun would a gay ENTJ male have to debate on a subject he isn’t even partial to?

You won’t be willing to share the real roots of your position. You spurt out facts and write solid conclusions based on those facts, but that is all you put on the table. This topic isn’t really going to go anywhere. Perhaps that’s just what you want anyways.