What is the difference between....


I’m not the one who is looking for a woman to financially suck her down. I don’t go and say “Looking for financially stable lady” etc. So I’m not the one who begin this crap. And I see alot of women doing that. Now, by pointing that fact out I made a degrading comment? How am I supposed to express it otherwise? I think you will just have to live with that then.

Who cares about your dead body…

Then my original point stands. And if I didn’t listen, I wouldt ask you to enlighten me. Besides, I am not dying to hear what you have got to say either.

I’m not a gay. Period.

What else here needs clarification. Female coworkers, my cousins, family memebers, class mates…just about everyone. It doesn’t need to be individually clarified.


Perception is everything isn’t it…

"Enlighten me. Nothing good has come through in this topic anyways…I am not dying to hear what you have got to say either."
I don’t really even feel like I have to explain myself here. You don’t really initially care in the first place. Waste of time.

Okay Man. I’m not trying to convince you that you are; by what you had written it didn’t fully cross to me that you understood where my reasoning came from in the first place. You just accused me of trying to “discredit” you.


Probably. But since you aren’t explaining, I think it will have to suffice.

Saying that nothing really good has came from this topic is a conclusion made so far. It doesn’t mean it will stay constant in the future. But since you see it as a waste of time, then I wouldn’t value an insight of someone who thinks its a waste of time.

If I was a gay, I wouldn’t care about what happens between a man and a woman. Hell, I wouldn’t even waste my time on it. Giving such possibility a try is ill meaning and an attempt to discredit a person by taking the topic to different route.


Well I’d HOPE that the woman seeking a financially stable man is looking for other things in said male besides money… That would be my idea of the difference, anyway.