What is the hardest part of being an ENTJ?


Being a woman and finding a man who will be more successfull andd more dominant than you are. Plus all the things posted before :confused:


You don’t sound so successful to me.


This thread is so wonderful to read! I actually hadn’t realized that the “figuring it out in a half second and having. . . to . . . wait. . . forever. . . until . . . everyone . . . else. . .catches . . . up” was an ENTJ thing.

I figured out 15 years ago, or so that there was a discrepancy in the amount of time it took me versus everyone else, so I started waiting 30 seconds or so before spitting out the answer, to give other people a chance to respond. And then I finally realized that 30 seconds wasn’t long enough. People were hours behind. So, then you have to figure out how to handle THAT. And each situation requires something different. Sometimes I spit out the answer (sometimes people are desperate for leadership and actually ANNOYED when you don’t lead), sometimes I tune out until everyone else catches up, sometimes I carefully lead everyone along the path to the answer I figured out immediately.

Right now I am in the process of a whole 3 month plan at work to solve a problem that I already know the answer to. But part of the problem we are solving is that certain people have felt left out of decision making. . . so I have to solicit a lot of input before we end up exactly where I know we’re headed.