What is your born order in your family?


I am the last child of my parent. How about you?


First child. Have a brother that’s 14 years younger than me :smiley:


First born and first born of both sets of grandchildren
That is first of 35 on one side

Oldest is always best


Only one.

They got it right the first time. rimshot


Very good shot, lol. No more comdom failure i hope? :smiley:
I was my parent’s condom failure. :cry: They must have regreted many times while talking to me : “OMG,you would be better a boy than a girl”. Anyway, at least they didnt regret having me when i used to be in top 1/ top 10 in class/school/ university.


Only one. Both of my best friends are NTPs and eldest sons. (Also, the three of us are atheists).


Then my assumption already failed :cry:
Anyway, still get a clue for identifying types easier. Maybe first/ youngest/ only child mostly are Thinking types? the environment creates that? :confused:




Hahahaha. Wasabi, you are deadly funny.
Travtex! He is insulting you. :laughing: Here the gun, shoot him! I’ll help you with his dead body. :mrgreen:




Easy!, i can give him a saw. Have ever saw horror movie or crime program on TV or newspaper? :mrgreen:
Or more economic way: use dead body to make some cake, sell out to the market :laughing:




Then who has more meat and flesh will be eaten first. Im not worried about that. im out of that catergory :laughing:


I’m eldest
Half-siblings 5 and 7 years younger.


Middle child… two older stepsisters, one stepsister the same age but younger by a few months and one younger brother related by blood.


My father was not the first son so he’s not heir to the head of the family. Since his older brother does not have any sons, I am the next heir to the head of the family. In my nuclear family, I’m the first born.

I can’t wait until I’m the head of family and I take responsibilities to host family events. I plan to filter out or water down all family dramas and tension. It’s generations of bullshit that I’ve been wanting to clean out for decades. =]


Firstborn, child of two firstborns.
There’s a tome about birth order which indicates firstborns are highly anxious, successful, over-achievers. Sounds familiar?


What is your cultural/ethnic background, if you don’t mind me asking? One of my majors was anthropology/ I am an ENTJ, which might give you some insight into why I am asking. Heh.


Vietnamese. Vietnam is mainly/generally three countries in one. But it’s really a nation of multiple tribes. That’s how people should see Vietnam or most of Asia.

My father is central Vietnamese and Hue to be specific. My Mother’s side are Northerners, primarily from Ha Noi. I’m a lot closer to my mother’s side and I take on their ways and views. Dad’s side is absolutely different.


Why do you want to clean out all people who are close to you? Does this include your parent? Im suprised to see what you are talking about people who are close to you that way.
One of the most critical things i judge a man whether he will be a good husband in the future or not, despite of any MBTI type or how successful he is, is his relationship with his parent, especially with his mother. If the man treats his mother, who born him and raised him up for years, badly, then who am i that can make him treat me good?
Husband/ wife is like clothes, connected to you through love, and Love can come and go. one day you would take it off and throw it away once love is not there anymore. But brothers/ sisters are blood related, hence like your arms/ legs, you can not cut it off without feeling much pain.