What is your concept of the perfect Saturday night


As I sit here and detox from my Friday night…

I’m wondering, what really is my idea of a perfect Saturday night, or a perfect party?

Not ready with an answer yet - but what about you guys - whats your idea of a great time?


A perfect saturday night???
Let’s me descript it.
With lover:
-Walking along the quiet beach, hand in hand with my man after dinner. Listening to the sound of wave tapping to the sand and the wind feezin and blowing through the ear. Letting your eyes looking through the sea far away in the dark, and feel extremely warm and secured, happy as your loved one is next to you. Nothing to be fear. :violin:
-Sitting in my loved man’s lap, leaning my head on his chest, and touching gently his very short beard chin, watching a favorite TV program together ( or maybe a porn???). No need to say or hear the L word, but both can feel it from the other.
( I like man with broad chest and square jaw with very short beard. I find it extremely sexy and manly)
I’m hopeless romantic if i’m in love, and my imaginary is extreme ( due to high N, i guess). :mrgreen:
If with friends:
A small babeque party in the garden, inviting friends to join. Chatting while eating. Let the men keep chatting about war in the middle East and nuclear Weapon, we women prepare them some food with wine.
( Ah, let them donate some blood of theirs to my hungry mosquitoes around–> really charity activity BTW) :smiling_imp:
Perfect night! Isnt it? :sunglasses: :whistle:


I’m not picky: rock n’ roll, some friends (enough for varied and interesting conversations, not enough for chaos), good food, good beer (I said GOOD, most brazilian beer sucks).

At some point, having a more private conversation /flirting with some girl who doesn’t necessarily need to be my girlfriend or exclusive or anything, but needs to be way more then just pretty. If I’m lucky this should develop into making out or even sex.

At least, this is the best I’ve had here in Brazil, you know?


So even if you have a gf, it’s ok to flirt with other girls and even have sex with?


LoL, obviously not! What I meant is that I don’t really need to ask a girl out three times or so in order to know her and don’t even need to be in an actual date in order to hook up, but I do need to know her enough which might take from one night to months depending on how open and uninhibited she is.

In other words: You know the “I’m asking you for a date” thing as we see in American culture? Most Brazilians don’t do that and I’m no exception. I think I’d only ask out a girl that I already know a little. Also here in Brazil there is a party called “micareta” (with terrible music, but then again my musical taste is pretty peculiar) where basically everybody hooks up with everybody. I don’t do that either. So, no bureaucracy and no superficiality, right?




Since I don’t know how wide is your concept of “orgy”, I’ll just provide you with an accurate description:

Imagine about 200-800 people in a public street enjoying Brazilian funk (like a cross between Fifty Cent and Pussy Cat Dolls but in Portuguese and with MANY grammar problems, usually sang by a moronic misogynistic and homophobic ultra-violent pseudo-alpha male) and Axé (a local rhythm that would be better described as a primitive tribe’s mating beat sang by a two-digit female “singer” with choreography that looks like a cross between dog-style sex and an epileptic attack).

Now, in this “endearing” environment it is usual for an average person to kiss about 10-15 others without even asking each other’s names. Not counting the occasional forced kiss. But hey it’s okey, it’s all part of the “fun”, right? :puke-front: Sex in itself is not undiscriminated, specially since we do have police around these things, but it does happens at some specific dark street corners.

Any question?


ummm, sounds interesting!


I hope you mean “interesting” in a scientific-anthropological way. The same way I find the barbaric manners of the ancient Huns interesting.


interesting is interesting, man. Sometimes, something that is extraordinary is fun.


I see. Well it is just that it is not so extraordinary from my perspective…


Hi all,

I think I’d only ask out a girl that I already know a little. Thanks for sharing with us.

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I know I’m a few years late on this one but I’ll add my comment anyway:)
There are so many variables to this… If it was a summer day, I would say a pleasant day outside with a nice breeze. Coffee in the morning, some light, fun activity. I live in Seattle so I would have to be outside walking, shopping and people watching. I would like a nice seafood lunch on the water front with friends. Then maybe I would come home early enough to clean a little, do a load or two of laundry and pays some bills. If it was cold and raining, I would get my coffee… I would drive this time, pick up some food and stop at a red box for a few movies… No next flix for me, I’m never home enough to justify maintaining a subscription, when I am home; I’m rarely watching tv. I would come home and get my house in order, cook, eat whilst standing up and walking around and talk on the phone until I remembered I had movies to watch. Then I would have a glass of wine and some Ben & Jerry ice cream.

There you go, my perfect Saturday!