What the hell, why not a singles section


The ENTJ Dating section on this forum is definitely the most active - so here goes. Feel free to put yourself out there: it would be a shame to deprive the world of some of its most eligible singles!!! :smiley:


What is this? a dating section? lol

How come you become a help-match man (means the one who introduces two persons to each other to pair with)? They say there are 4 most silly things, the top one is becoming this kind of man. When they are happy with a new partner, they will not think of you. But if they get problem, they will scream your name and ring your number all night long to complain :mrgreen:
Is this just for singles only? if im married with children, and want a secret lover, can i sign in to get some handsome white man here :sunglasses:?


Lamer wrote:
if im married with children, and want a secret lover, can i sign in to get some handsome white man here ?

Maybe!! Post a picture, with a little skin. I may be an ENTJ but when it comes to an affair ( which I have never had) I am a total S. If I get caught she better be damn good looking!!!


                             [b]Our Deepest Fear is that We Are Powerful Beyond Measure[/b]

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson


I turn my back for just a few months and I see THIS? :laughing:

(I like the concept, but TBH, there’s like 10 members of this site, dispersed all over the world. Publicize the site, and watch the ENTJs kill each other during their steakhouse dates. They’re single for a reason.)

:whistle: :confused: :dance:


Hmmm. actually you dont need to show so much flesh to look good. Attact man by flesh is a cheap way, and of course, this just attracts the wrong type of men.
But hey, if i have a secret lover, he should be among the age of 25- 35, as they would be mature, stable and strong! :sunglasses:
kidding aside, let me confess my heart here. I guess i am falling hard for …Wasabi! my bad luck, he is into someone now, maybe … the site admin guy? Somebody there is sneezing? :mrgreen:


All text and no pictures yet? If pictures are worth a thousand words, then here you go.

Here. I hope this stirs up something. :clap:





No, this is extremely serious!!! :sunglasses:
taming that wild horse is really hard work though. But no problem, i love such a challenge! i’m type 8 BTW :mrgreen:


you’re a sick person. wasabi? really?


So what are the three other ‘most silly things’? Have to hear this…


why cant be him? :sunglasses:
although he is a little …nuts, aggressive, rude, has so much negative emotion…( and maybe not good looking :think: ). But exlude all these,i find him frank, not ego bastard and so fake as i have found out from many people. Deep down, i think he has good character.
if he can overcome all these bad traits, he would be “man in dreams” (or nightmares? :mrgreen: ) of many girls.
Anyway, most of my posts were posted when i was in good mood. Hence, i made a lot of jokes. There were always double meanings in those. :wink: . like 2 faces of a coin. anyone can pick any face he/she likes.


no lesson is for free. You have to pay for gaining knowledge/ experience! So what are you gonna pay for me to get to know all the rest?
Let me suggest:for each thing learnt:

  1. a kick ( not kiss :mrgreen: ) on your arse .
  2. a pinch on your nose
  3. a pinch on your ear
  4. a lump sum of all above
  5. convert all into money and transfer to my personal bank account ( i can always give you mine)
    You choose then! then let me know, i will disclose the rest 3 things you wish to know.

PS. Sorry for my bad English in previous post. i did self study mostly, so it’s notvery good.


many days have passed and i still not got any reply from my sweetheart Wasabi yet. hmmmm.
darling! where are you??? :confused:


Reporting for duty, as ordered, Maam!! :smiley:

Well, I can say that I love asian women. I’m actually surprized by this turn of events. To say at least, this was … unexpected. Especially for you, I thought you hate me, and if you had a chance, you would try to drown me in a spoon of water…perhaps just like everyone else in this forum…perhaps you even more.

But if you are really serious, I can give it a shot.


ok! but hey, let me tell you some of my dating experience in advance for you to prepare!
All of my ex bfs …ran away from me.
One of them, he got no chance to disobey me. The only one time he got that (i.e to open his mouth), i had togive him some time to collect… his teeth lying everywhere on the floor.( i didn’t mean to, just because my fist was so… strong! ). Every year, at the same day, he sets out a free day to grief his former real teeth and celebrate his new set of artificial teeth with his new gf! I guess they are still getting problem with kissing.
So, the rule #1: Should never offend me! But obey me instead! It’s the best way to deal with me!
Another one had to go to the beauty salon. Why? He had to get his hair surgery. Since he’d got a bald head after a long time cheating me. After each time of his cheating, i turned mad and pull out some of his hair from his head. Wow, i was so surprised how bald he was after that! I didn’t mean doing so ( making him be bald)……really.!
Rule #2: Should never cheat me, or else you would get a very bad result, and maybe it costs your pocket much!And another one, i think he is still coming to see his doctor for the deaf ear??? Oh yes, so bad, i just…. Roaring next to his ear whenever he made my blood boil! Poor him, except from those times, i was still his… sweet lovely little lioness!
Rule # 3: Should never make my blood boil! Or else you would not get good result!
With other ones, i actually need time to remember and recover experience. But they are all in their own country now, and no dare to come here again. When i fully remember, i will tell you later.

The point is: Do you have courage?
I ask again, do you have courage??? If you are still persistent with your decision, then … welcome to my life! Don’t blame me for not warning you in advance, huh!



I can deal with that.


I presume she chickened out before it even started.


not like that darling! im here. :mrgreen:
hey, i havent known how you look yet. why not put some pic of you here? at least i should never have to try to imagine Tom Cruise or Ben Affeck’s face ( or some handsome man’s) when i kiss a man, or even worse, the $ sign :mrgreen: ( because he looks…so terrible). luckily, i have never kissed any ugly man so far.


Why would someone want to deal with a psychopath? I’m definitely not a healthy person to be around. Do you even have a slightest idea what happens when I’m very angry? You truly wouldnt want to deal with someone who can burn your house down for being pissed off? And that is the simpliest thing that could happen. I wouldnt even talk about hitting a police in the mouth and then getting into jail for it. You really wouldnt want to imagine what can I do to unsuspecting little girl like you?

You are really playing with fire here. I highly suggest you to reconsider your decision.

Hell, I hate taking pictures. I don’t even try to mention about it.


I’m guessing deep down Wasabi is a giant teddy bear waiting to come out after some intensive in-patient therapy. I’d say go for it, lamer :wink: