What the hell, why not a singles section


haha :stuck_out_tongue:


[Insert terrible joke about you making a complete 360]


you should add up soon after that: here is my ass, pls kiss it.


i find caucasian men look best in white race.
my listfor most good looking men ( descending):
1.south europe and some parts of asia: greek, turkey, italian, spanish, portugese,
2. the rest of europe and australia
3.south america
4. south asia
5. north america

For north america, i find that ones with hebrew origin is very intellectual and very good looking, so can be listed up to the #1 or 2"
i forgot to add black men in the list. If they are born by a white parent, then they are mostly very good looking, can be listed to # 2 or #3, and still higher than north asian men. Due to the similar body structure with white men, black men have good shape ( V shape) which make them look strong.


damn I assume that it’s the same for women :’(


I think he’s in more like “What now?” kind of additude than illness. Tired perhaps.

What is that now? Another intelligence officer? I guess I’m an open book now. Do you guys track my IP address or what?


Oh COME ON now…Lol. Yes Wasabi, we love you and we’re obsessed with you and so we are just tracing the fuck outta you haha. Pretty soon we’ll be hacking into your phone records and releasing information into the news.
Note the extensive use of sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. One thing that is for sure with you…is curiousity. You have alot of it.


I feast on useless facts. It’s a bit like a game and an addiction. I like getting under people’s skin sometimes if someone makes themselves vulnerable.


Getting under skin is definitely what you are doing. Thats passion.

I wish that passion was pointed towards more earthy things. Like having curiousity about certain things and using whatever means to gain it. The world would be much much better place if more people like that would exist. In other words, passion for discovery and exploration.


*Passion? Not at all. That was logic I was using on you earlier. Deductive reasoning. Small scale focus.

Earthy things? Not sure what you mean about “certain things.” Hm…There’s two ideas crossing over here. I was told that the world would be a better place if more people were “innocent” as myself. I think he meant to say the same thing. Being innocent leads to extensive curiousity which equals passion? This sounds like a similiar statement…
One day you will post a picture of youself.


I imagine you holding one of your shoes on your hand and stomping the tribune with it while you say this.


I think the proper word you were looking for is ‘enthusiastic’


Be careful and take care of your eyes if he does this, or else they would turn blind.


Oh yeah! we would hack his PC and extract the porns he has played too, great!!!


I think we have a similiar sense of humor haha :clap:


then your mind would be extremely DARK!!! should this be a good thing? :mrgreen:


oh yes, we would buy some dustbin bags too.we need them after watching these porns oeeeeeeeeee! ( sick)


I am a single ENTJ and most likely going to stay that way for a looooooong time. I don’t live a boring or simple life and its way too hard for most to keep up with. So I remain a lone ranger unless there’s some fiery ally who wants to die a living death with me. It’s kind of fun and very on the run. But it will abate as time elapses…with many glorious memories and treasured relationships to show for it. That’s if anyone is into relationships though. Some like them merely for the purpose of self satisfaction and being ENTJ’s that’s probably your case. But a part of self satisfaction is having lots of people to tell you how much they love you. I’ll have that. You might not. But that’s your choice. Bark loudly if you want a reply from me because I don’t plan on wasting my time.


If you have dated and are having a hard time dumping the person, give them this as your new number: 212-479-7990.

It is funny and they will get the idea!!